Tomb Raider (Classic) Landrover 90

Here a couple of shots of my latest design, available on the share system on Forza Horizon 2

Hope you like it

Sweet design! The lips look a little scary and the gun is pretty jagged, but minor complaints in an overall cool design.

gun looks fine to me (i think that is the purpose of the style so it looks like its straight from an old school console) – mouth looks like it needs to be moved a bit to the right… but looks great! nice work.

Looking awesome dc

the jaggedness is because its taken from the side of the car and the resolution isn’t so good close up. doesn’t look like that in the creator

yeah, I keep looking at the mouth, might try and shuffle it over a bit

Looks Good.

+1. Just move that mouth over a touch and your golden mate. Well done here.