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This are some photos from just some of my cars i own. All (if not most designs) should be available for download :slight_smile:

First up we have a K&N Dodge Hellcat

K&N Hellcat 1

Hellcat Night

If anyone has some requests don’t be afraid to ask :slight_smile:

I’ll happily try my best

Hey everyone i know i haven’t posted for a while so here are a few designs i have been working on

RTR Widebody Mustang



Widebody GT86


GT86 2

Peter Brock Holden Torana


Torana 2

Decent widebody there mate.

Thanks it took a while to get right :slight_smile:

Here are a few more i have been working on

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Mine’s R35 Racecar (January DLC)

Mine's 1

Mine's 2

Drift R33


R33 2

Here are a few more design’s i have been working on :slight_smile:

Ken Block Hoonigan Escort

Escort 1
escort 2

RTR Shelby Mustang (Not for Download)


Failrace MX-5

failrace 2

Let me know if you have some suggestions

Nitto RX7
Nitto RX7
Nitto RX7 2

Thanks that means alot :slight_smile:

not bad designs. good job!

America Style Corvette

Corvette 1
Corvette 2
Corvette 3

Custom Mine’s R34

For best result use Top Secret Body Kit


Mine's 2

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My Attempt at a rusted Army MX-5

Rusted MX-5
Rusted MX-5 2


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This one isn’t a design but rather a Vinyl Group of Markiplier’s Face

File name: Markiplier

Mark Face

The mx5 is pretty sweet!

Another “Famous Face” this time its Nick from AR12Gaming

File Name: AR12 Face
Nick Face

AR12 Gaming Bone Shaker

File Name: AR12Gaming


AR12 2

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