Todays update?

Just finished a 50 lap race to get myself some cash, wheelspins and skill points… Been at it a while. When finished I returned to freeroam and went to launch hHorizon life… I was told that my gamertag couldn’t be verified on the server… I shut down the game, rebooted the xbox and tried to restart the game. I was told I needed a 3.3gb update, so I accepted… I’m looking at the update queue and it’s telling me I need to install 59.19gb!!!

Why am I having to install the entire game… That I was just playing… For a 3.3gb update?

All my car pass cars were uninstalled i had to go through the ms store to redownload it… i hope i dont get carged.

You wont get charged unless a popup screen with a charge amount comes up and you press ok

You cant get charged to the same account twice either

Kool thanks for the clarification!

That’s an xbox issue not a game issue
For some stupid reason if you cancel an update before it completes it reinstalls the whole game all over again

I read that on some research I did last night, but I didn’t cancel anything… I was playing, it wouldn’t let me online, I restarted and accepted the update… It just seemed to delete my game when I accepted!.. It’s all installed again and everything is there, so apart from a small heart attack last night, it’s all good again.