To get some positivity going around here..

What’s your favorite location in Horizon 3s version of Straya? Mine has to be the highways against the coast between Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise. During the sunset AND sunrise it looks seriously realistic. It’s beautiful and I’m jealous of some of you Australians because you see that daily.


Some of my most favorite locations are completely offroad and are a high as I can get so I can look down on the scenery below. One in particular is just to the west of Byron Bay looking down on Byron Bay.

Another favorite is looking out from behind the waterfalls.

I am also blown away by the skies. I love the sunrises. I love the oranges and pink in the grey storm clouds.

I also love how the mountain peeks seem to glow at sunrise.

Further, I love just sitting in my car and looking at the starry skies.

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I’d have to say the rainforest. I don’t have a specific reason as far as in-game content goes, but I’m used to driving on dirt roads winding in and out around rivers and streams in real life. I guess you could say it’s my “second home”.

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I Personally love hanging out at the festival sites, the sound of the bass booming with the people dancing gets me so high that my car literally starts to levitate off the pavement.


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for doing what?

hey i can agree not being sarcastic. Forza horizon 3 does look amazing.

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I forgot to thank you, Clutch63, for starting this thread!

I don’t know, but to get positivity going, I just played an online event for the first time and it occurred to me that this game is great. I was burnt out for a while, but I love the locale and time/weather changes, and mostly the elevation changes. What a beautiful game.

On a side note; did I miss out on the Lola T70? If not, how can I get it? Thanks.

Its not available yet
Future forzathon prize
Check the forzathon thread


Thank you so much, can’t wait!

Surfers paradise, enjoy tarmac racing the best and reminds me of Nice in FH2, my fav location in that game

Positivity, I’m on board!
Pink lakes, but not pink…

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How is this for positive? I do not know what Horizon 3 has that the other Horizons didn’t but this morning I finished the final Championship and Exhibitions and hit Level 378 or something. The highest I have ever gotten before is like 85 before I get bored and play something else and then something else and then a new Forza is out so time to start all over.


Blizzard mountain is my favorite local right now, blasting thru the snow, sliding across the frozen lake, drifting the turns, simply awesome. I’ve only got one championship left to do there for the final cheevo on that, and 7 more I think in the main game, lvl 800 the highest I’ve been in any forza to date, gonna keep gunning for that star though even after its all said and done.

My favorite location is the gourge area, and the ultra chill Dingo’s :slight_smile:
(that have not once, tried to bite my Prowler!)


Those nice twisty roads that mark the transition between the rainforest and outback are my favourite roads to drive, wish there was more of them as the scenery is nice and the roads are a good test of a cars handling.

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the area around the airport in the outback… get the right light settings and your photos come out glorious., not to mention the fun had leaping off the dunes…

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As far as races go, I much prefer the roads. I’ve never loved the Cross Country, but I think it is literally 100x more fun than FH2 CC. I love driving around online and it’s a dark night and all the stars are shining. I prefer this game over FH2 in every category. I think the physics are more fun and for me, the frame rate and sense of speed are so much smoother.

I just hope that they add new areas for texpansions, and more consistent car packs.

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