To get some positivity going around here..

In the main game, probably that short bit of cave that leads to the beach. It’s too bad we didn’t get a bit more of a cave system to race in.

But in Blizzard Mountain, when you get near the top and your engine sound is echoed and magnified… that’s the stuff.

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Blizzard Mountain is stunning. Have not seen much snow this year, but I get plenty of it in Forza! :slight_smile:

The beach is also gorgeous. I still can’t believe this is a video game. It looks amazing.

The Outback has some great lighting and the serene setting makes for some great shots.


The sky looks incredible constantly, whether it’s day or night, raining, sunset etc. Also the snow on blizzard mountain looks great with the sparkles and the way the light hits it.

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All of it, Blizzard mountain also. Favorite is 1 lap of Goliath starting in early evening brings you racing through the forest at night and a sunrise when you turn east in the outback. Arriving back in Byron Bay with the sun glinting off of the water leaves you feeling like you just arrived after racing through the night.