Tires - Sport tires Middle Surface temperatures cool faster than external and internal

Middle Surface temperatures in sports tires cool faster than external and internal ones on the straight. Even with maximum pressure. This is a serious problem because you lose grip in fast corners and powerful braking.

Hmm I was just playing around with fine tuning camber and tp on sport tyre car, and temps were going down in same pace in middle as outer/inner side. Maybe u did something wrong.

Hai ragione Riccardo ho appena visto il video e ho messo mi piace al commento

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It might be car specific issue.

you’re right. And the cambers are wrong too.

@here Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action so we can investigate this more?

It might be related to this, so that to not create new topic I will write here.

Sometimes when joining new lobby, cars on sport tyres have visible lack of grip, usually braking points not working, and overall lap times are slower by ~1s

It happened 3 time to me today.
1st time I was doing practice laps A class mugelo, and when my sport tyres went below 65% I went into PIT, after tyre change, I beat my PB by over 1.5s. then I was keeping similar pace whole race.

2nd time, I did qualify A class Watkins, with time 1:58 on sport tyres (it was quite optimal lap), before race start I went into pit, to change into new sport tyres. During race my avarge lap time was ~ 1:56, and my lines did not change at all.

3rd time, I was doing qualify on NUR A class, and felt that my car can’t brake properly into T1, after qualify I went to practice and jumped into PIT to swap into new sport tyres, now my car was able to brake properly, and lap time improved by ~2s

It does not happen every time I join new lobby, but sometimes I start practice/qualify with reduced grip, and going into PIT to change tyres, fixes this issue.

I will try to record it, but it’s RNG so idk if I will be able.
Unfortunately I did not check telemetry.

Oh right I was driving new Lamborghini countach

Too me, that just sounds like you are getting faster as the track rubbers in.

nah its instant difference once u swap to new tyres. no weather change

today doing practice A class suzuka full circ, i did around 7 laps on sport tyres, and my lap time was ~2:14,5, went into PIT, and next lap was instant improvement to 2:12.8

But since i looked at telemetry, there was nothing wrong with it. And if i remember corretly i had similar issues at lunch with race tyres, when swaping from med to med in pit, allowed me to lap over 1 s faster, its not related to this topic, gotta try recording it and create new post.

Im not doubting there is a potential issue here. But what I was trying to point out is that in the online lobbys, the track rubbers in and faster times are able to be achieved.
From the beginning of practice through to end of qualifying (~30 mins) you typically see gains of 2-4 seconds, track dependant. By the end of the race the grip level is around 150% more than the start of practice.

On top of that there is also tyre wear to consider. When you leave the pits with fresh tyres and the track has rubbered in more, It seems logical that you would gain a second or 2.

then there would be problem with rubbering not aplying on 1st pair of tyres.
Even if i do only one lap on practice, PIT, change tyres and set same fuel level, next lap after PIT can be lot faster.

If Forza wants to be a contender in racing they need actually to be informed and do more homework about racing I mean by this research how tires temperatures work with different settings for camber or toe or even track temperature. So to me it feels the car does always have the same grip on dry conditions no matter what temperature the track is in my feeling on controller. If the want to pursue that realism they praise about.


For players still experiencing this issue would it be possible to provide a video of this in action to provide an example.

Reproduce a video for the devs.