Tire heat glitch?

The TL:DR of all this is: look at the left tire for the correct temperature situation. The right tire is flip-flopped.

I’m driving in circles comparing inner to outer tire temperatures for camber.

When I turn to the right, the outside (left) tire reads 1 degree cooler on the inside, vs. the outside. I then turn back to the left and steadily heat the tire and now the right (outside) reads inside as 1 degree hotter than outside . Why is this happening? That doesn’t seem right. I don’t know which reading to trust. It’s like they’ve flip flopped inside/out side in the display somehow.

I make the camber 2 clicks more negative i.e. -1.8 to -2.0. This should cause the inner 1/3rd of tire to heat up relative to the outer. On the left tire the expected result happens. The inner 1/3rd gets warmer relative to the outer and the temp gap narrows as i was at a point where the inner was cooler than the outer.

However on the right tire the gap also narrows, meaning the inner 1/3rd COOLED down relative to the outer 1/3rd, when i increase negative camber. That is the opposite of what should happen.

This all suggests the that inner to outer temps are flip flopped on the telemetry of the right tire. Anybody please correct me if you can. I feel like im taking crazy pills.

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Can you provide details on track, particular corners, and, car build? Thx!


Hi PRkid

The track was airfield. I was in the first right hand sweeper driving in literally a 50ft circle in 2nd gear like one would do on a skidpad. Switching between clockwise and counterclockwise.
I think I was in an s750 #1 volvo racer s60? Im not at home to check the exact name right now. It’s in the forza tourers division. I shared my final tune that i ended up with but the temps are probably mostly even on that.
I’ll try it it out with another car later. I havent had time to play in a few days.

Thanks for the details. Will check it out!


I tried to draw a picture of the flip flop that is happening. Im not at home with the game in front of me so i forget how stuff is arranged on screen but the concept is solid.

The TL:DR of all this is: look at the left tire for the correct temperature situation. The right tire is flip-flopped. I’m already convinced of this because 1. I saw it and 2. the observed effect that increasing camber had. It had an opposite effect on the left and right tire which makes no sense and the left tire had the correct response.

I hopped in a random car, in this case the F&F BRZ and took it out to test. The glitch I’m seeing is confirmed. This is based on driving in a steady circle and watching the heat of the outside front tire, as i would normally do to set a baseline camber to work from.

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Hmm, this is interesting…

I haven’t looked at the telemetry since fm5, it was useless. Maybe they got it still screwed

I’ve noticed this too. I’m pretty sure I was driving the s750 Volvo S60 when I first noticed it…

So I’ve noticed this too and created my own topic in the Technical Support section. Internet fail number one, I didn’t do a very good web search. my topic is here, but I will quote what I wrote here. I took a screenshot and a couple minute video starring some crappy driving.

Found the same issue.

Chevy touring car on brands tyre temps flipped left to right both front and rear

What camber/caster settings are you using? If you are running too low camber setting, the additional G forces while cornering will cause your tire(s) to flex and induce a positive camber situation causing your “flipped” tire heat issue also.

If that were the problem then it would show up the same when turning left or right. What these folks are seeing is different results turning left than turning right (or vice versa). As Forza doesn’t allow asymmetrical suspension setups this shouldn’t be possible in game

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Having this issue as well…

  1. You’re assuming you’re driving on a perfectly flat surface - this is never the case.

  2. A test like this isn’t exactly valid when you’re taking corners to get to your specified testing spot on track. Centripetal forces will make the outside tires heat up regardless of which direction you turn, and if a track goes a particular direction, one particular side (and one particular section) will heat up more than the others.

still hasn’t been fixed

further proof:
maximum negative camber
driving and stopping in a straight line, no turning
insides heat up first as expected, displayed correctly in the tire images
left tire temp readouts are correct (inners are hottest), right tire readouts are flipped

I noticed this as well, glad I’m not the only one. Really baffling that T10 didn’t see this and fix it in the first place, though.

Good thread and good information! Learning to tune and noticed this also. I was about to ask this at some stage but was too busy on other topics. So is it safe to do alignments based on left tire readings?

Thank You for confirming my suspicions. I knew I didn’t lose my tuning basics lol. I was spending an hour on my first tune (yeah I got the game late ) trying to figure out why the heat numbers were not properly responding to progressive increases in negative camber. Oh well, I guess ill just have to go by feel for now.