Tiered difficulty rewards for playlist

Bring this back?! Why was it removed in the first place… In FH4 you could complete the playlist on different difficulties and get more (or less) of a reward. Being forced to drive on Highly Skilled when you are use to driving on pro elite or unbeatable is very boring and makes the playlist championships a drag.

Also why not intro a similar system for seasonal PR stunts, where it utilizes stars like it already does.

I don’t even care if I get better rewards for it at this point, just let me play the seasonal challenges on a higher difficulty. I’ve been playing Forza for years - Highly Skilled Drivatars aren’t a challenge anymore, they’re a slog.


Me too, I just figure most would want something more for doing it. I just want to be able to do it on higher level. It’s boring otherwise. The only challenge left in the game is placing on rivals boards.

Just let the player pick the Difficulty level for the single player Seasonal Championships. For players who think the current Highly Skilled (though my name for it is Highly Cheaty) is too hard, let them lower it and for those who think it’s too easy, let them raise it. The people who play at a higher level will be rewarded with the higher payouts the higher Difficulty inherently provides. This way the game is more fun for all players and not just the professionals/elites.


I am so bored with seasonal championships. Being locked at Highly Skilled means that no matter how I build a car, I win every race by 6+ seconds. There is no more challenge.

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I have also completed every race in the game on unbeatable difficulty(usually with meta cars). With highly skilled seasonal championships I rarely find a race that I can’t beat with a stock car.

It is very boring.

I just want to be able to adjust the difficulty higher.

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Hi @StainlessStlRat .

Well, Slippery Jim, I agree with your sentiment. Placing Car rewards at the lower skill levels would allow for most players to “win”, and giving money, skill points and kudos(?) etc. would still be an incentive for higher skilled players. This may prompt a rethink for the monetary system in the next FH game, as the economy is currently flawed in my view.