Festival Playlist Difficulty

The festival playlist could use a reduction in difficulty or at least a choice to make it doable for lesser skilled players (within reason of course, mainly the regular championships and skill zones). Thinking about this from a business sense, if the playlist represents a reason to come play every week for rewards would it not be more beneficial for player retention to make it inviting for everyone and not just hardcore players (potentially pushing more DLC sales, game pass renewals and full game sales from people who tried it on game pass). Using myself as an example, I have about 5 days of active play time in Call of Duty this past year cause it has an accessible end game anyone can progress in and I know if the festival playlist was more welcoming I would have put those hours in here and with the 10 million other people who played at launch there is definitely reason to try and hold as much of that as possible.

they should just make the difficulty system like FH4. It was better that way. I feel like its too easy and making it fully adjustable again would accommodate everyones skill level to some degree.


The festival playlist is already very very easy.

The only thing that was missing form horizon 4 that might help less experienced players life easier is to be able to change the racing difficulty for seasonal championships.

Other than that everything is super easy to do. Even the trial. For as long as you grab a tune or simply follow the racing line and brake on point your team will win.

Im not really on board with people trying to make the game even more easy. It already is easy. You just wanna play for 3 hours and get it all instantly done.

Tips to how to complete the playlist? As i said do the trial. Its not hard at all. Follow the racing line and brake on time. I mean its a racing game you gonna have to show some skill regardless of what game you’re playing.

And in horizon 5 even the bare minimum of an effort is enough. This game doesnt need to become even more babyfied. It already is. I love that new players are coming to the game. But this kind of mentality is bad for this franchise and its core community that’s been playing this game for many years. Surely Turn10 gonna hit more sales probably but stuff like this makes us think they dont care about us. And then you come over having played the game for 10 hours total…And say i want things even easier. No no no!

I dont know to which Call of duty you’re refering to but if its about the Battle royale i gotta tell you its a massive grind there. And people that’ve been playing for long time usually have many advatanges. when it comes to wepons and leveling them up. Other than that call of duty is just a game that offers a campaign mode and then off you go to doing whatever you want.

A main campaign and the post campaign content are 2 totally different things. You can still playthorugh the campaign at your own pace and even that is already very very beginner friendly.

You cant have 5 hours spent in game a year and expect much. Its absurd. 20-30 hours of gameplay are the base to getting to know any game in horizon’s caliber.

I know from a business stand point it makes sense. And thats what PG has done with horizon 5.
They saw how succesfull horizon 4 was on gamepass so they made things even easier in horizon 5.
Its a bad model that only helps players like you but ends up really really hurting everyone else that wants to put more than 20 hours into the game.

Do the trial, do the weekly rivals - super easy to complete + 1 championship to unlock the 20 points car which is usually the new one. If not enough do photo challange -super easy again


I agree with this post and definitely NOT the OP. I play games for the challenge. FH5, compared to FH4, is basically rewarding participation. Seriously, I’m not in 3rd grade anymore. Seasonal championships require no skill in either driving, building, or tuning. …what’s left? Weekly challenges such as taking photos?? Two “Monthly” challenges of completing 1 clean rivals lap?? These are all chores, not challenges.


And its a chore not in a way of "oh no this is waay too difficult " but in a way that its so easily given that it becomes indifferent.

And when the game has been immensely giving everything in abundance from the start you dont have much incentive to do the playlist at all.
Add to that the playlist itself being just a reskin of the events already within the base map…
It becomes even more indifferent.
And all youre left with is the seasonal rewards FOMO with lots of returning cars that if you’ve played previous games will leave you even more indifferent towards it.

I like everything you just said - TRUTH!!!

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