Thrustmaster TX Wheel

I have had my wheel for a week and can drift ok on Forza 5 need to practice to get as good as I was on the controller. I find that with the controller the learning curve is a lot smaller on horizon 2 but for some reason I cant’t hold a drift at all on horizon 2 and am getting really frustrated. Any help or tips would be awesome. I am ok with tuning so thats not really the issue just can’t seem to get the car to hold angle without spinning out. My settings are set to 900 degrees and 80FFB.

900 degrees… Lower it a bit I would say. I don’t think there’s really a need to use 900 on Horizon 2.

Yea might have to just figured if I learned on forza 5 I would have no problem on horizon but it’s not the case unfortunately. Hoping their was some tips I could get from some fellow wheel users. Do U use a wheel?

I only just got my TX Yesterday and only got the chance to set it up. From experience though with my Fanatec CSR on Forza 4, the FFB is rather poor in strength but that may just be a firmware issue, so I avoided using 900 degrees. If you’re using the T3PA and TH8A add-ons, use anything around 540 degrees just for ease of use, only then you should begin to move up to larger rotations. If you don’t, I would suggest using anything between 300-360, just as my personal preference. If you figure out the amount of rotation needed to hold a smooth drift on a specific settings, it’s more down to technique and managing that angle with slight adjustments and throttle control.

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Think I will give 540 a try for a while really like 900 on forza 5 though add me so we can do some drift/racing don’t know anyone with a wheel. I have the shifter pedals haven’t come yet.

I use 540 on my wheel. Mr bucket is right about 900 ffb issues on forza games. I also ordered my pedals and it’s on back order. Thrustmaster should be shipping out pedals on October 20th.

Doing wayyyy better with 540 you can feel when to counter steer!!! I still like 900 on forza 5. I tried before but maybe wasn’t good enough with the wheel yet. Thanks for the help guys. October 20th sweet can’t wait to get the clutch pedal need that clutch kick!!!

That moment 'Murica has longer order periods while us Aussies can get the same stuff within 5 business days… Just thought to share that. I don’t have the T3PA pedals yet so I’m gonna have to put up with the A button as the clutch. I need to figure out how to adjust the springs and dampening because it just seems like too much force is required to turn the wheel. I’ll add you Tom but unfortunately I don’t play FM5 anymore, FH2 for me seems like a much better game.

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