Thrustmaster TS-XW on Series X

Just set up my new TS-XW with the T-LCM pedals on my Series X, upgraded the Firmware… Aaaaaand on Forza Horizon 4 it doesn’t work properly.

Anyone else using the same wheel base & having issues?

This is a $1400 AUD upgrade from my Logitech G920, which worked fine, so this is kind of disappointing.

At dead centre, any movement of the car, causes the wheel to vibrate, it’s really annoying.
The rotation degrees seem to be stuck at 270° & I can’t change it.
Due to the wheel sucking, when I crash, even if I come to a stop & I’m off track, the wheel just vibrates & slowly turns itself left until it hits full lock.
The FFB, the return forces, everything just feels wrong.

I bought a Drive Hub, so I could use my Logitech on my PS5.
They advertise that it enhances FH, but when I tried it, it ruined the feel of the wheel, there was no return forces & you had to really force it to countersteer.
The TS-XW is nearly giving similar feels to what that was like.

On FM7 it felt pretty good.