Thrust master wheel pedals

So what’s going on guys I need a little help. So I recently purchased a tx wheel and have been using it on forza 6. The problem that I’m having is getting 100% throttle without having to seriously mash the gas pedal into the floor. Like I can hit the gas pedal all the way down and only sometimes be putting out 80% throttle. Then I have to put more pressure on even though it’s all the way to the ground to get it to hit 95% then even apply more pressure for it to hit 100%. Been trying to adjust the dead zones with little differences.

not sure if this will help but read this

“So because your force feedback wheel has motors than rotate the steering wheel, it can do this calibration on its own every time you start it. But what about the pedals? Those can’t move themselves.
The pedals, usually, still need calibration. So they rely on something else: every time you press the pedal, the wheel re-calibrates its understand of where the edges are. If you press really hard, you force the sensor to send its maximum electric signal, and the wheel’s firmware takes that to mean 100% gas/brake/clutch. It will, from there on out, translate all other signals from the same sensor as something in the middle between zero and that maximum.
There is an interesting conclusion here: if you never press the pedal very hard, the wheel can get confused about where the maximum (100% input) is. If the wheel only ever detects your very soft presses on the pedal, it may think that’s the max signal it can get from the sensor and translate all the other signals as a percentage of that max. The net effect is a very touchy pedal: e.g. when the maximum is 5, a very soft brushing of the pedal that registers a 1 is now 20% input.
This is where the advice to press your brake pedal hard three times after turning on your wheel hardware comes from: it helps the wheel calibrate its understanding of the sensor signals.”


Yea I had read that before I got my wheel and calibrated it that way but still got the problem. On another forum they recommended me hooking it up on the PC and going into the control panel to see if it happened there as well. Did that and calibrated it on the PC and got full throttle when I was suppose to. Hooked it back up to the game and did things a little different this time around. Started the xbox via the wheel and calibrated only the gas pedal and now I get 100% throttle without having to mash the pedal. Everything seems to be working now.

Check your usb connection,there have been reports of a loose or bad connection on the wheels cord,causing the issues you are having,you can get a new one at radio shack if it is bad.