Help with wheel settings please!

Hey guys
So i have a thrustmaster 458 spider racing wheel and love using it but on forza 6 i am having a problem which I can’t understand. I have looked around all over the internet and every one is saying to have your acceleration deadzone outside set at 100 but everytime i do that the car won’t go when i am in a race, so i set it to 20 (the lowest) and then it goes fine but after every race the settings reset and the car doesn’t go again i am really confused and i need help please!

Make sure you update the firmware for the wheel on a pc, check that everything works in the thrustmaster settings on your computer. If they dont work in the thrustmaster settings then your pedals are most likely broken, if they do then the next step is to hard reset the Xbox One by unplugging it or hold down the Xbox button on the console, wait till the power brick light turns orange. Plug the wheel in, restart the console. You have to calibrate the pedals, in which you fully depress them 3 times each, do this before a race obviously. If it works on your PC but not the Xbox then it’s a xbox problem, try a different USB port, but it sounds most likely a calibration issue. Good luck.

The 458 Spider wheel does not have firmware updates as it’s not compatible with PC. But as for the OPs problem, do you use manual w/clutch and if so, do you use the auto clutch feature on the wheel? Also, is it every car that just won’t go, or just a few. I know with a few cars, they are hard to get started as you have to either rev bang it to get it started or hold in the clutch and then let go once the race starts. If you’re having trouble with all the cars, I would suggest unplugging the pedals from the base, and then plug them back in. Also make sure you calibrate the pedals by pressing them all the way a few times each.

Things are still not working. I drive just manual no clutch, i have pushed both the pedals in 3 times and the wheel settings is on 3 (3 blinks of light) i am not sure if i have the auto clutch on or off, my forza settings are the default ones for the wheel.
Steering axis deadzone inside: 0
Steering axis deadzone outside: 95
Acceleration axis deadzone inside: 15
Acceleration axis deadzone outside: 100
Deceleration axis deadzone inside: 15
Deceleration axis deadzone outside: 95
Clutch axis deadzone inside: 15
Clutch axis deadzone outside: 90
Handbrake and things like that don’t matter…
I don’t mind if we can communicate a little easier eg: skype or something but thank you for the help anyway

The prob with my wheel is that I can’t even find this menu…?? Where do you calibrate the wheel?!?

I dont know if this wheel requires calibration like the ffb one does but I was having similar problems with me having the gas pedal all the way down and wouldnt get 100% throttle. What I did to fix it was to start the xbox via the wheel and when it does its self calibration at the beginning i hit the gas pedal 3 times before the xbox starts and now I get 100% throttle when Im suppose to.

Im on the fence with needing to press the brake and throttle three times to reset full response…

I have done experiment with doing that and then a couple days later not doing that at all and there is no change in throttle or brake response.Yes I race with all assists off.I have a tx…I havent seen any literature directly from thrustmaster that supports this either,maybe there is but I havent seen it.So Im skepticle at the very least about that.

Supposedly from what VoodooUomo said who works or turn 10, is that the first time you press the pedals is when it calibrates. So you don’t have to do the 3 times thing, I never had issues either that I know of but I’m sure that the first things I do when I’m in a race is hold down full throttle, the brakes I definitely don’t hold down all the way ever so I dunno what to think. But since he posted that I always do it now just to be sure.

From the main menu screen tab to the right until you get to the Options settings then tab down and right to the Wheel Options tile. Click on that and then hit the X button for Advanced Settings.

You should press and hold all your pedals for about 3 seconds in Xbox menu to calibrate before you start the game, and you should always use 0-100 dead zone for steering axis with a wheel.