Things I dislike...mainly the music

The game is very awesome, don’t like that you can’t access the autoshow until you finish a bunch of races…but I can get over that. What I can’t get over is the collection of TERRIBLE music that you put into this game. What were you thinking?

Maybe that is what they listen to down at Turn 10 studios but I like driving tunes, take a lesson from GTA: Vice city and give us some rock tunes. Even Horizon 1 had better music!
If they had good music, being able to just listen to the songs that you like (in a mixtape format like Saints Row 3rd) would be epic

I think the musics good ,but you can only listen to the same songs so many times, same in GTA.With a PC you can play music and a game at the same time it would be good to do that on an xbox.

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Turn the radio station off & blast your own music then :slight_smile:


That is what I do

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Stop whinging then Haha


the music is the same kinda of dance/drum and base crap that was in Horizon 1

what were you expecting? its supposed to be a ‘festival’ environment for young idiots

this is music young idiots listen to but like many things it feels like music that a whole bunch of middle aged men in suits thinks young people like

levante is great as a change

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So classic music is for young idiots, interesting. It seems that every music you dislike is for young idiots, am I right?

Anyways, when I started to play I liked XS and the classic music radio station, but after some time it surely is too repetitive, so I put the radio off when I play. Just do that and you are fine. :wink:

Not really. While there were only 3 stations in FH1, and there were some seriously cacophonous bits of rhythmic torture there too, that game has much more decent, catchy music than what we get out of the larger selection in FH2 (not counting the classical station). There are entire stations on FH2 that I can’t stand at all. Good thing that didn’t happen in FH1, because of the more limited choices.

young idiots



Drum and bass is my music of choice and has been for as long as I can remember
I am not young nor am I an idiot



Lord Lukas , did you not read my last comment?

did you guys not read reviews? the music and the silly contrived festival story is a point of contention

have you not played a variety of games like Gran Turismo or the Codemaster stuff and not see that the particular choice of music is not going to suit all tastes?

I think a lot of drum and bass is actually very good (eg. Netsky, Chase and Status etc.) but I’m not blind to the fact that this kind of music tends to attract a certain audience… your friend “Ben” is exactly the kind of person

Microsofts and Turn 10s need to be ‘cool’ with this and stuff like Sunset Overdrive is actually quite uncool.

Their whole campaign is summed up by this picture:

But hey, come for the gameplay, turn off the music…

Everyone has different tastes in music, and not everybody likes ever genre. Personally, I can listen to anything: I rotate between all stations, depending on my mood. I will admit that some channels have more staying power than others, but I can live with it. Some people are very set in their ways pertaining to music, and will never broaden their (forgive the pun) horizons, but there’s nothing you can do about that. I sympathize with the developers: its a catch-twenty-two no matter how you look at it. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. People will always whinge about it.

There could just as easily be no soundtrack, but people would complain anyways. At least they give you the option to toggle the music off. My suggestion for the OP is to either broaden your musical tastes or to turn off the music.



How about turning the music off and listening to the car. The car is telling you things if you are willing to listen to it.

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Not in real time, it isn’t. See the rev-lag thread about this one-of-a-kind bug. I’ve been playing racing sims during their entire history, and this is the first time that engine audio doesn’t keep up with the engine, in my experience.

True, but if you’re tuning the car you get information you need to make adjustments.

I agree with you. I just find it so frustrating. I mean, how can engine audio not be as high a priority in a racer as the display? Someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee–perhaps the same someone who decided to mute the engine audio for voiceovers. (Ugh!) The issue seems a bit better after a 480MB game update yesterday. (What was that?) But it is far from cured, and that may have just been random luck too. The problem’s severity varies from day to day.

I played for hours yesterday, and heard a lot of the music. There are some very listenable tunes mixed in with all the dreck. What this game really needs is the ability to put together a mix, a playlist, selected from all the stations. Saints Row 4 provides an example of how to do that well.

This!! Music in a racing game,smh.

I wish I had GTA V’s radio channels in H2.

Ok. Clearly, every one, except AcesWild and me, has no knowledge in music, or has no experience in the musical type they are considering “bad”.

I am a fine hearer of rock music, and really not a classical music one. So, I will NOT blame Turn 10 for putting a bad classical music station in the game… because I am unexperimented.

Be ambivalent as you are, but let it go.

For myself, as a true rock listener, I simply put my own music with it, because, despite a unlarge range of music, I think it’s clear that some music in Horizon XS would be much better placed in Bass Arena. Not real rock, that doesn’t have the true spirit, because it is not moving (except for Royal Blood). Even worse, some songs don’t have a guitar, nor a bass, nor a drum.

Those are good reasons -convincing ones- that make Horizon XS a bad radio station.

In conclusion, give good arguments for God’s Sakes! Unless you have a good argument, don’t create a thread that has no future!

i think its actually a bit insulting that Turn10 think that just because you’re into some free roam open world driving that you’re a 14-35 y.o. male GenX/GenY whatever who is into this kind of thing

but i’m sure they did a focus group and everything to find out that this was the best way to attract that kind of audience

i’d be a bit more vocal if they didnt have levante and yes I agree, Bass Arena in the last game was actually ok but this new selection is overall not quite right

i wouldnt compare it to GTAV or IV or SA as they pretty much lead the industry in music selection and they are obviously a cultural phenomenon really… Forza is a driving game, its not going to do a billion dollars in 3 days…