There was some pretty nice changes to the dynamic range of cockpit audio this update but

I’ve seen several tickets in car issues for louder cockpits… Be careful what you ask for. They’ve got the cockpit audio mixes in a better spot for home theater setups. I’m not talking about the sound samples here, just the mixing and mastering. My goal here is to maybe educate you a bit on what you should be asking for.

A few things before you start saying make this louder etc. Have you tried to alter the game’s mix yourself? Turn opponent cars down 'n such? Try that first before you go asking for the wrong thing. They should be mixing these interiors to be a carbon copy of what the cars are IRL. No enhancement. No volume boosting. Nothing.

So if your cockpit audio is too quiet for you, try turning other stuff down first or asking them to fix the overall mix. We do not want to take 2 steps back here.


I was racing in the new G40 yesterday. I missed half my gear changes because I could not hear my own car.
I use cockpit no wheel view. And have the opponent engine sounds turned down to 25-40, and they still are way louder than my own. This is the same in alot of cars, though the G40 does seem even more muted than others.
For reference I run through an basic studio monitor setup with the Xbox sending unprocessed stereo.

I shouldn’t have to set the opponent engine sound levels to 24-40 just to hear my own car. same with impacts and rumble strips.

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Then they need to fix the mix. Ez pz. The cars should be as close to 1:1 as possible without any enhancement. I’m not saying you’re wrong ( I’ve not even tested the Ginettas ). I’m just saying that y’all need to be careful what you ask for.

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Idk why fm23 is so loud. Every other game i play the volume is at 100 but fm23 i need to turn down to 35 for it not to be super loud forcing me to turn down my tv volume.

Glad to hear they’re improving sound, i feel like the patch notes are always only 50-75% of the stuff they change or add.

It’s at least 5dB louder than FH5 and that game is already too loud. You can thank the EDM loudness war for how FM and FH5 sound. Both games use the same techniques used in that music and it’s VERY apparent. Especially to a guy like me who engineered the stuff for a decade.

Yes, I did, it doesn’t work for Ginetta G40 Junior, and I don’t think the open-cockpit Brabham BT8 should have transmission louder than engine which sits right behind driver’s head :slight_smile:


Hey man, death magnetic ain’t EDM :joy:

If you mean the Metallica album, that album was very low volume for whatever reason. There was a Guitar Hero 3 version of it that sounded much better, but also was low volume. I got that in my music archive instead of the original.

There also was a Queensryche album that sounded similary horrible, but i can’t remember the name of it.

Death magnetic is wicked compressed, its got almost zero dynamic range which leads to it sounding very loud imo compared to their 80s and even 90s music.

While it may not be textbook contributor to the loudness wars, it is a contributor to the squashed music wars. Not trying to knock it cuz the songs are great, I’ve learned a few on guitar.

Loudness war really got started with that album sure, but it’s since gotten worse. Most music released now is, at most, DR 6. It’s disgusting. WAY too much reliance on brick wall limiting.


I never heard the volume of the original album but the compression and yes that was horrible.

Cockpit sound being muffled sounds good, but bonnet cam you can barely hear the engine there now either


The audio in this game is worse than previous titles and some of the worst Ive experienced in any game, racing genre or not. The above example of the G40 is exactly correct; not only for that vehicle in particular but many many others. The in vehicle audio is absolutely dismal. Add in the fact that the racing transmission audio distorts/bugs to sounding as if it is a burning tea kettle in the passenger seat definitely doesnt help. There are some vehicles I simply cannot use because of the poor audio. This also doesnt explain why vehicles sound different on each and every track, and different times of the day. Truthfully, the most “correct” sounds I have heard in this game are when the vehicles are under or surrounded by structures for echos, as for some reason, the true audio that should be present is revealed.

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That’s fair. I just don’t want the cockpit sound to go back to how it was. Is why I’m asking that y’all be careful about what you ask for. Don’t just say “this car’s volume level is too low” or whatever. Be very specific.

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You play it in stereo or something? I can’t really say it sounds so bad. I have a pretty decent sound and only see the bad in the engine sounds themselves now. Well and the too load sound if close to tiny walls still is a thing, but else it’s fine.

They even fixed that HORRIBLY ANNOYING bridge on Maple Valley.

I am good with sound in general but not a complete audiophile.

That part isn’t totally fixed. Whatever was done with the dynamic range of everything this update made it less apparent is all.

You play on PC or console?

Console. Dolby Atmos rig. Updated my AVR from the Denon X4700H to Anthem MRX 1140 recently. Room is ARC tuned.

Console never sounds equal to PC. It doesn’t matter what super super sound you got behind it.

Even if you pay 10 grand it wound sound better if it’s console.

I don’t feel the need for Atmos yet, because it is a compressed format, it’s NOT uncompressed.

For me on PC the only real thing is PCM 7.1 nothing else.

Gotta have my height speakers. FH5 DA sounds great so idk what went wrong with FM. There’s always the DTS:X option if you MUST have uncompressed. I find DA to be plenty palatable tho and I abhor compression.