"There iwas a problem with the update" error, unable to update to play FH2

So I haven’t been on my X1 for a few days now, but I just tried to get on tonight and play horizon 2. I’m getting this message stating that I can’t update the system/game to play?

I have gone through all sorts of troubleshooting as uninstalling the game, restoring my xbox to factory, reset my xbox cache, reset my router, re-open my ports, and I’m still not getting anywhere. This is only affecting Horizon 2 as i’m still able to play my other games. It’s also telling me to check my connection, which i’ve done numerous times and also switch from my direct hardline connection to wireless and back and forth and so on.

The sucky part is it’s not giving me any error “codes” but is giving me that screen and message.

Is anyone having issues with this? If so, is it the game download itself? Or my console? Where do i begin with this issue?

Turn 10, any leads or how I should go about this? I just wanna do hoodratsh*t with my xbox-ers. :frowning:

Quick update, finally received an error code of 0x87e00004.

Haven’t found anything with this update as of now, anyone encounter this before?

Bump anyone??

I encounter same problem. Did you solved?