The Trial

How does this work? I keep selecting/joining and getting a countdown, but nothing ever happens.

Once you select to enter on the countdown, it should eventually enter you automatically. It can take a while though as it seems to be finding other players. However, sometimes it doesn’t work at all and you need to re-search. I’d give it a minute or so and if you haven’t been sucked into a trial by then, start again.

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Yeah I had trouble with the Trial today and entered the event by finding it on the map rather than from the menu.

Also first time around there was a glitch with the scoring in race #1 Myself and another player came in first and second followed by some Driveatars. The Driveatars should have scored zero points but all got 300. Consequently team driveatar won.

BTW. Please tune or load a tuning folks. It’s a lot easier to beat the Drivetars with a good tuning and maximum speed / power / grip for the category.

Were there only two of you on your team?