The time for a refuel should be more realistic

The refuel on FM2023 is just so fast, the fuel strategy is just non-existant.

It should take more time to refuel a car !

I think the refuel should take around 10x the time we have now in the game

The KTM X-bow R needs 1.2 second for a full refuel and the C8R needs around 2.8 seconds for a full refuel

I agree with that. Meanwhile GT7 offers the possibility to adjust the fuel speed from 1%/s to 10%/s which means that refueling a complete tank can take from 10 to 100 seconds. This opens up a massive amount of strategy options when you combine this with fuel usage multipliers. I would propose to add such an option to free play and private lobby as well. Builders cup can still use a fixed value and featured multiplayer could make use of this slider be alternating this value from week to week so the players have to change strategy as well instead of using the one OP strategy.

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Currently a full pitstop (fuel and tires) can match the times seen in Formula 1 and they don’t even fuel up the car in a pitstop!
These times need to increase, also to increase the strategic impact.

Even if it was say, up to 5 seconds for fuel based on how empty you are, another 5 seconds for tires, and ten seconds for damage, it would add a little strategy into the mix. Especially with the tire wear multiplier, mqybe at some tracks you’d think running one set of hards across two fuel stints might be worth it vs having to change tires with every fuel stop on a softer set, right?