Pitting needs improvement

Pitting is awful in FM.

You enter the pit lane at 300kph, and it takes control of your car, slowing it to pit lane speed in the space of 5m.

Then, the car is on rails until you arrive at the same pit box as everyone else, convenient camera work makes it look like stuff is happening even though nothing is, you refill an entire tank of fuel in less than a second, then the car goes back on rails until it is handed back to you on exit.

Honestly, when are they going to update this nonsense?

ACC managed to make pitting take actual skill and create generic animations that a development team like T10 should seriously be able to out do.

  • It should be on the player to slow for pit entry, guide their car and box it correctly.
  • Refuelling should take a realistic amount of time to make fuel strategy actually matter
  • Everyone should have their own pit box and not just ghost into each other. Pit strategy selections should be available sooner to account for distance to box
  • Pit crew animations should actually do stuff and not rely on camera angles conveniently obscuring that they’re actually doing nothing.

I feel the current system works fine for now as a simcade. I would much rather they spend their time and efforts making the framework of the game actually decent rather than making it hyper realistic in a single minor aspect of the game.


You know, IRL is the same. You must slow down in the pit lane, and even after you finished pitting, you must have a save exit, otherwise you’ll get a penalty.

I think this is already available in free play, because i’m sure i have seen AI go to their own pit box. I believe the reason that everyone have the same pit box, is that having different pit box might cause advantages & disadvantages for some drivers.

I don’t want the pitstops to be longer.
It’s maybe not realistic, but especially for short races (often driven in Forza) low pit times are better. If you use tire wear multiplicatior, it’s easier to save needed time for a additional stop.

A manual pitstop should be optional, and come together with manual start.

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I don’t really care how realistic the pit stops are, but it annoys me that there is a short delay before the menu comes up and that we can’t choose a strategy before the races. All we have is this “calculating” thing and that’s it.

Worth dropping it in the “official thread” by @T10ManteoMax too:

My thoughts below are the same as when I posted, Gran Turismo does this better, as do the F1 games.

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Got the whole pit road and we Gota be all stacked up together in one box getting our tires and fuel… pit options should be available as soon as your car get controlled by the ai. Don’t have enough time to select what you need.

Things need to be changed with the pit stops but the time it takes is not the issue. There is just no joy in sitting around 50 seconds like a pit stop in GT7 does.
For pit stops we need:

  • Better menu system for selecting options and something that shows everything we selected.
  • Mini map needs to be visible so that we can see what we are returning into.
  • Selecting the auto pit is silly because it has you drop to pit lap speed in the middle of the track and not in the pit lane