The return of Cat and Mouse?

I have searched all over the forums, but I cannot find an answer. Is there a reason why we do not have the cat and mouse playground game from the first Horizon? I have tried creating it in eventlabs and not having much success. It was one of my favorite playground games to play. Thank you all in advance.

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Wouldn’t it just be a quicker version of the zombie game?

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Please don’t insult Cat and Mouse like that.

Cat chases mouse. Cat catches mouse.

Zombie chases survivor. Zombie catches survivor. Then there’s the infected segment of the game, which is why the Cat and Mouse would be over quicker.

Of course, these are supposed to be Playground Games which seem limited to their little arenas, so without direct experience I’d have no reason to even suspect actual race routes would be involved.

You’re still not getting it, man. Cat and Mouse isn’t an Infected mode. A group of players are divided into groups, yes, but that’s where the similarities end, and Cat and Mouse would not work well on Playground Game maps because it isn’t a Playground Game. It’s a race with different rules, which are so:

Two teams. One mouse on each team. The rest are cats. The mouse is driving a slow car. The cats are driving fast ones. The mouse has one objective: beat the other mouse to the finish line. The cats have three objectives: help their respective mouse get to the finish line first, stop the opposing team’s mouse from crossing the finish line first, and stop the opposing team’s cats from helping their mouse. Nothing like Infected, and certainly longer than Infected because the game only ends after a mouse has won.

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The name “Cat and Mouse” on its own implies a variant of Tag. “Infected mode” is itself a variant of Tag. And the OP specifically cited it as a playground game. But thanks for giving an actual explanation. It does sound more interesting than the current crop of Playground Games.

I don’t remember it in PGR. That’s actually one of the few games I engaged in PvP, too. I probably stuck to vanilla racing.

I cited it as a playground game because in the first horizon, it was a mini-game under playground games. I apologize for not fully explaining the premise of the game, I was assuming people would know what I was talking about. It is a very fun game mode, especially if your are in a convoy with your buddies, then teamwork and communication are vital and create fun matches. You could probably eSport it lol

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I liked it in Dirt 3. Dirt 3 'Cat and Mouse' race 1 - I'm a mouse! - YouTube It would be great to have it in FH5.


No, Cat and Mouse took place on race routes

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I am genuinely astonished that it isn’t an official game mode anymore (other than the course designs not permitting it), because it pretty much is a mode that speaks to all crowds. It’s a team-oriented event, which could generate more community cohesion. It’s competitive, yet could easily be played by casuals, appealing to both of those demographics. And, most of all, it would actually give rammers a space where they can unleash their unholy fury without it ruining the game sessions of others.

Here’s a link to what Cat and Mouse looks like for those who don’t know.

The footage is from Project Gotham Racing 3, but it’s worth noting that this was also a game mode in Forza Motorsport 4 and functioned the exact same way.

As far as I’m aware, C&M stated as something you’d play in PGR2 but wasn’t an official game mode. Half the lobby would pick Mini’s and the other half would pick TVRs or CLKGTR or Enzo’s, the mice would get a sixty second head start and then you’d try to boost your mouse to victory.

It was never as good as an official game mode in PGR3 and I’d have my doubts that the magic could ever be recaptured.

Not with that attitude it can’t.

I would much prefer they focus first on reintroducing ranked and group racing before they consider implementing new game modes like this.

In terms of cat and mouse though I think if they gave tools to users to create their own game modes like this then it would be a huge success. Then players could create whatever they want. Cat and mouse. Cops and robbers. Tag. Rocket league. You name it.

In the actual state players couldn’t even work together to win a normal race - how should that cat and mouse change that?

Not to mention that the race tracks available in Forza Horizon 5 don’t really fit into this game mode.

Underated comment lol

They just need to add walls to tracks and it would work. Someone do it in event lab

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