The Racist Confederate Flag

Hey Turn 10…Do you think you can finally get rid of of all these damn Confederate Battle flags from FH2? They are in the Vinyls Sharefronts, in the Car Design Sharefronts, all over the place. It’s pretty obnoxious and a blatant symbol of racists. Even the questionable state of South Carolina has finally taken the racist thing down…how about you?

Get out of here with that political garbage.


I’m impressed with your thoughtful and well spoken, eloquent response…hahahahaha

I fail to see how that flag is any different from the swastika flag…and those aren’t allowed

I thought it suitable to this stupid post.

There’s literally thousands of places to talk about politics and this issue on the web, and you chose here?

Hopefully a moderator will lock down this troll bait garbage sooner than later.


I would suggest, instead of the inevitable arguments which will ensue here, send an email with your concerns to Turn 10/Playground Games at


PS. Political debate is not allowed on the forums as per the ToS and CoC


After hearing the news in Carolina I had a feeling this thread would crop up sooner or later.

I imagine Turn 10’s stance will depend on whether people actually make complaints about it. Being politically correct just for the sake of it is a hassle and is a one-way trip to turning SJW.


OMG, get a life. Where is your tolerance? I see no difference between you and hitler. He also forrbid exposing and using national flags