The qusetion we have all bean talking about (also 100th thread on this forum)

Which 2015 American Muscle car is going to be the best on the track:
First up we have the 2015 Camaro Z/28,
7.0L LS7 V8 engine with 505HP, and torque of 481. naturally aspirated

Then we have the 2015 Ford Mustang GT:]
435HP V8, 5.0L engine, with a ecobost turbo charged (cant find torque sadly )

But there is the Dodge Challenger hellcat:
707HP V8, 6.2L Suppercharged, and 650 torque.

so my question is, who would you choose to show off in forza?

I can’t really say I’ve been talking about it, out of the 3 all I care about is the Mustang anyway.

Challenger Hellcat all the way!

The Camaro, nah; it looks weird…

The Mustang… No opinion.

well we are still waiting for the Shelby version of the new Mustang but yes I think the hellcat has almost to much power to be legal

I very much look forward to the new Mustang GT-500 Super Snake.

Or maybe even a brand new higher horsepower version of the Shelby 1000.

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I heard there was a Shelby producing 1,700 hp.

There is already a Mustang making that much horsepower. It looks like this:

Sheesh you’d think Shelby would be able to match engine output from 60 years ago

(this is sarcasm)

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By the way, a quick search on Google made me discover that there could be a 1,700-hp Shelby. This one.

that is really cool, dont know if it is a shelby but still, I agree with VerrucktSchakal on the shelby 1000. but then again what are they going to make for the GT 500 then.

So with the Hellcat the supper is charged!!! I would go with that one if I can get my supper for free :slight_smile:

The Camaro is naturally aspirated. If we are talking atound a technical track (Nurburgring), I’ll take the Z/28 hands down :smiling_face:

What “track” are they competing on to be “best” at. On any form of circuit racing the Z/28 would laugh at all of them, absolutely no contest. In fact the 1LE might even be faster. On the drag strip the Hellcat will be the fasting thing “normal” people can buy. That being said, for around town fun the Mustang would be the most comfortable and capable car with the least amount of compromises. Personally I’d wouldn’t take any of them. Eventually I’m going to have to get a 3rd gen Camaro and replace it’s wheezy joke of a V8 with something like a LS6 or LS1. The aluminum engine would take weight off the nose for better handling and 300-450hp would make an utterly potent street machine.

I made an error; it produices 1,200 hp.
Edit: it’s because I saw that in my car shows (in french). The host said there would be a 1,700-hp Shelby.

but what if they did an oval track like indy?

The Z/28 would probably still win. It would be able to go deeper into the corner before braking and stick harder through the corner due to better grip and aerodynamics. It would be interesting to see how quickly the Hellcat would burn up it’s tires from horsepower and weight. There’s more to oval track racing than raw horsepower. Nextel cup stock cars only have about 500hp on super-speedways and would humiliate ANY street car ever made on an oval.

Easy. Hellcat. So much want…

so we have now 3 people for the Challenger, 2 for the Camaro and one for the mustang. anyone else? (this is pretty cool actually)

dose anyone else want to show there true color? (yellow, blue, red) lol

My color is already shown. Yellow :slight_smile: Or I’d love to do a custom paint job, Black with yellow stripes

Mustang. I know Camaros are good cars but I hate the way they look now. Also, while the Camaro is only a couple inches longer than the Mustang, it looks bulkier to me; the Challenger, on the other hand, is almost 8 inches longer, and looks absolutely enormous. I can’t imagine they’re fun to park, and knowing where there bodies end would be difficult for me, since I’m used to smaller cars. Driving next to Challengers is such a pain because, for a coupe, they’re such massive cars and take up such a large portion of my blind spot. The Mustang, being the most economical while retaining power, would be the only choice for me. That is, of course, if I give up my penchant for imports.