The qusetion we have all bean talking about (also 100th thread on this forum)

anybody else want to defend their car?

Edit: Rewatching the car show with Shelby’s, there is a 1,300 horsepower one.

so what is the point of this one in NFSmovie:

just confused.

I’m a Chevy guy myself, however, I must say the 2015 Mustang will probably be the best out of the big three that are coming out. Now that the Mustang will feature independent rear suspension, it should be much better in the handling department. As for the Hellcat, I just think it’ll be good for one thing more American muscle cars are for; straight line speed.

Did you know that you can order a 2015 Mustang without the rear independant suspension?

Are you sure? I’ve never heard of that before, and on Ford’s website there is no option I saw to build one as such.

You have to order it.

…Umm, how?

Nevermind, after a little digging it turns out the Ford is making basically a rolling chassis race car that you can order how you want, much like the COPO Camaro’s. I doubt it’s street legal.

More than likely it’s the new generation of the Cobra Jet. (Better than the COPO by far in my opinion)

Thats just Cray cray :smiley: (that is cool)

@ clairvoyant, yeah like nissan having a GT-R for sale but it is to upgraded to be legal

I quite like the looks of the Mustang, and I find it great for photos. The power is a little lacking though, compared to the others.

hey I know this is an old thread but I found this on:
that it says that the shelby mustang gt 500 is discontinued… one is this true and two… WHAT HAPPENED!!! why is Ford not making a race car at all now? this world is ending alright.

The current GT500 is dead yes, with the new generation out now, and no current replacement, these mag editiors, tend to jump guns and assume things they shouldn’t.

Ford is in the works right now with the GT350. And then soon after, going to the GT500 again. And maybe more.

hey I just realized that we can compare the 2015 mustang with the 2013 Shelby in FH2 WOOOOO!

If the promises are kept (big expansion packs), then I hope we wil have a race track and the Challenger Hellcat, without forgetting the Camaro ZL1.

It appears that the question has been answered:

Edit to add that I’m quite surprised by how unappealing the Mustang is aurally compared to the others. Ford has held the advantage is sound with their V8s all the way back to the 4.6L. Perhaps it’s just the microphone placement?