The Gauntlet - What are your times at S1?

Just curious… Since it is winter I have only been doing cross country and rally, most of all The Gauntlet.

My top 3s are
Fiat 131 - 9:11
Opel Manta 9:13
Lancia o37 9:14

The setups are made by me. I am curios if you guys have faster cars with faster setups.

Quick sunday driving around gauntlet with porsche cayman gts in time 9,05 (time that it’s almost 20 second faster than i get with rally monsters using autumn). Didint test any others but im pretty sure that cayman is fastest rally car that i have (i havent tuned subaru yet tho)

That is actually interesting, I will give the cayman a shot. I did not expect a regular car to be 6-9 s faster at S1. Should be fun!

Regular cars are actually really fast rally cars also in horizon. Even cars like dodge viper are really good in dirt after tuning. You should try is 05 wrx imprezza still as op than it was in fh3.

05 wrx is still good, but I found it like 10-15s slower than my top 3 tunes.

Yeah i just test 04 wrx on myself and it’s mutch mutch slower than cayman is. I was bit suprise how bad time wrx get against cayman even tho wrx still feels pretty solid so that cayman mutch be really op then.

Man I got 9:09 in the Cayman. I shared my setup. My gamertag is zalmoxis91

I am curios to test your setup too. 4 second difference is quite a lot. If you shared yours too, what is your gamertag?