The Forza Motorsport 6 "expectations/anticipation" thread


I apologize in advance if similar threads have already been created. Rather than have a wishlist, I just wanted to create one where we could all share what we actually expect in the next Motorsport title, as opposed to just wishing! Here’s mine:

  • Fully animated pit stops (including body repair, fuel quantity, type of tires: wet/dry slicks, hard/soft compound etc.)
  • Significantly longer races - where pit strategy has to be taken into account
  • Qualifying sessions
  • The ability to select race length in Arcade mode
  • Day/night/dusk/dawn option, including weather conditions for ALL tracks, or perhaps a random day/night time and weather option
  • World famous tracks and stunning fantasy tracks alike; I’d say at least 30 is the sweet spot ( <— wishful thinking I know)
  • Cockpit mode finally gets an overhaul: proper wheel animation, including animations for gear shifts, the ability to toggle switches and modes/settings inside the cockpit
  • Bumper cam sits at the correct height for each car, as opposed to a standard height that’s used for all cars; I should be able to tell when I’m driving a GT-R or an F1 in bumper cam
  • Proper data capture and replay angles to make race replays look more realistic and well… addictive!
  • Tire smoke overhaul: thick, dense smoke coming off the tires and out the wheel housings, not popping up from the track a second later - smoke hovers around for a while and dissipates depending on wind direction
  • Speaking of which, Forza should introduce wind speed/direction as a factor to consider while driving or setting up your car; cars react according to wind gusts/conditions.
  • Forza’s doing pretty good in the sound department, but I’d like to hear more detail in not just engine/exhaust/forced induction sounds, but also ‘race effects’ associated with pushing a car to its limits
  • Tuning needs to be more in-depth; we can always have an option between classic Forza tuning or advanced/more complex tuning
  • No aids please… remove aids from the controller or at least have an option to control steering speed and sensitivity, including the option to set levels of speed sensitive steering or switch it OFF altogether.
  • It would be nice to see FM6 have PC-level physics. T10’s done an impressive job with everything. Physics can be more hardcore though. Again, an option to select varying levels would be good for beginners and pure simmers alike.
  • Introduce more racing disciplines perhaps, not just circuit racing. Point-to-point street racing and rally would be an excellent addition.
  • I think it’s high time we should be able to adjust our seat and mirrors in the cockpit view.
  • Have different aftermarket parts to choose from, so that they make the car look, behave and sound differently… I know this is asking a lot, but it’s a start.
  • Reproduce/replicate sounds from actual cars in the game that don’t get lost in the mix - I believe the hardware is now capable of reproducing the sounds almost exactly as you’d hear them IRL; every detail audible at the right volume level and sound changing according to the environment etc. Well, you get the idea.
  • Grip should vary according to track surface, so should tire smoke.
  • The game could use a more photo-realistic look, as opposed to a pretty-looking CGI look.
  • Track grip varies according to how much rubber/tread is burned/left on certain sections and curbs.
  • ALL upgrades should be visible cosmetically.
  • Volume sliders for individual audio details would be a welcome addition.
  • How about we have a helmet-cam like cockpit view… the current one seems like it’s static and taped to the headrest of your car’s seat. Having the cam move around like a real driver’s head would add immense thrill and excitement to every race.
  • Heat haze coming off the track and around cars… Gran Turismo has been doing that since GT3.

I think I need to stop here. Again, I apologize if this sounds more like a wish list (it probably does), but I’d really like to see stuff like this implemented in a Forza game. You know… make it more of a real “motorsport” title. So I suppose it IS a wish list of sorts!

I’m sure expectations from FM6 are HUGE.

What do you guys think?

P.S: mods, please don’t lock this thread, thanks!

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I just want the features of Forza 4 with physics of 5. Basicly what forza 5 should of been.

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This and with the forza 1 pit stop menu and tire/ fuel wear

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Hoping for all the cars from FM5 and FH2 at least plus an updated roster with newer models, the points you listed above are all pretty solid, hoping for a lot of them to be implemented. Be very interesting to see what effect Project CARS has on development of FM6, it should start to push other developers including Turn 10 to innovate a little more and not just give subtle updates to each new version of their respective games

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Naming it an “expectations” list and then stating what “should” be done doesn’t do much to obscure a wish list. We have a thread for features. Please use it.

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