The DVR Auto-Record Feature is Annoying

Every drift over 5k in points is auto-recorded. No big deal, right?


I score about 80,000 points per lap on Bernese Alps in the unlimited drift track rotation. This means I have more than a few clips (50+ after 3 races) being recorded on my dvr, which then automatically deletes the clips I do want to save, just to make room for the unwanted clips. I know there is an option in the Xbox’s settings to turn off all recording and streaming, but I do like to occasionally save clips, so this would not work for me. It would be nice if there was an option in the game itself to disable automatic recording. Same goes for Horizon 2. I had to delete so many clips of every jump or drift that it became a chore, and ruined my enjoyment of the game.

Please fix this problem.

Why not just turn of the auto record and save the replays you want and record the clips later?

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To add to this you can use the smartglass app and end the clip whenever you want for up to the last 5min.

Even when streaming/captures are disabled?

There is an option to turn of dvr completely and an option to prevent the games from automatically making a clip IIRC.

But then I cannot record the stuff I want to record (which was what the DVR was made for in the first place). So essentially the game holds your dvr hostage.

I’m not understanding what you mean by you can’t record what you want. Can’t you double tap the home button and press the button to record that, or snap the dvr and end the clip?

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Yeah, I knew this was going to be a hard one to explain…

So, the only way to prevent auto-recording is to turn off the streaming/capture option in the xbox’s settings. This makes it so you cannot record anything, even if you wanted to do so. Another way to prevent auto-recording is to stream onto twitch, but again, you cannot record clips to the dvr when doing so.

Does that explain it a bit better?

No you can still record anything you want to after you turn off streaming/capture option using smart glass or even by 2 tapping the xbox button and pressing X, not sure if "xbox record that still works because I don’t have my kinect plugged in.

I have tried this multiple times. It does not let you record via the dvr app when the stream/capture option is disabled. It does not even show the “press x to record, y to screenshot” when you double tap.

I run in public lobbies, so sometimes I like to record, especially when someone intentionally rams me multiple times for proof of why I reported them to xbox moderation.

Turning off the record/stream feature makes it so the dvr does not work at all, even if you manually tried to record. So if a winged unicorn flew down onto your car, and sang like Sinatra, you would not be able to record it, because you were sick of those auto-recordings.

So basically it is one of two options. Option one means you get a full dvr via auto-record. Option two means no recording anything, even if it would make you famous.

Not really sure why this was moved from the support forum. I guess it isn’t seen as a problem. How alarming.

This a problem for the xbox one and not the game itself. As far as I’m aware no game has the option to turn it off. I checked in, BF4, COD AW, and Fifa 15. I’m guessing the devs have no option to turn it of within the game itself?

When I play Elite: Dangerous, Minecraft, or even CoD, there is no auto record stuff. This is definitely a developer issue. They choose what is auto-recorded, and what isn’t.

I’m saying turn it off, then save the replay in game after the race you can store up to 10 at a time then when you go to view the replay use smartglass to record the clips you want.


That only is a workaround, but is very much appreciated. I just want the devs to disable the auto-record feature.

I swore there was a setting to turn off auto recording while still being able to capture yourself. Sadly I can’t help since I’m using the newest dashboard and can’t find the setting.

80.000? Mate, how does one crack 80,000 a lap? I can barey do 50k lol.

14,xxx first corner, 16,xxx last corner, and 50,xxx for the middle section. Hard, but do-able.