Game Clip Recordings

Does anyone know if there is a way to control what game clips get automatically recorded (hang time and skillzilla)? I really couldn’t care less about the hang time clips and would love to be able to disable that if I can.

The game records them automatically.

To prevent ALL recording you can turn the Divo (DVR/Tivo whatever you call it) feature off completely in the console settings.

So basically there is no way to customize what it does and doesn’t record? I don’t mind some of them but others its just like really? Like BF4 for example. I don’t need a recorded clip of someone spawning on me and I get a level up from it. lol

Or better yet, the developers could just not implement these silly automatic recordings in the future. The XO has been out for nearly two years, we know how to record clips by ourselves, thanks.

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