The Crashes are getting bothersome on Xboxone & One S

So im slowly getting the “Too many Saves” Anxiety again.

But i digress.
Lets not beat around the bush: Finding People in public lobbies that create Their own Liveries is like finding a a needle in a Haystack.

And im not talking about “I changed my cars color to one that isnt stock and call it something”

Im talking about Fully made designs with stickers, maybe even recreations of Real Race cars.

I get it, using FH5s Livery Editor can be Time consuming if you start putting Effort into it but there are People like me who have made over 500 unique designs (im actually now At over 900)

Still, why is it that Just changing The color of the car takes up a save slot?

The new update was supposed to do some fixes but ive constantly kept getting total crashes whenever i try to save a new Design or even a Tuning. Its so bad that i get a “Not Enough space” Warning after just installing Parts (Without having done any finetuning)

As for Liveries: i know the limit is at 1000 now but i should still have about 80 free slots. Instead I also get the "Not enough space "warning and cant go back to any menu. When i press the Xbox button the game Crashes on Xbox one S , i dont even try to play it on xbox one anymore due to it being even worse there.

After each restart My progress is Gone (Either The paintjob i just created or in worse cases, the car i just unlocked is gone because the progress didnt save for the last 30 minutes)

Its already hard enough to find good teammates for the trial, now i have to be scared of Loosing my progress each time my game crashes as well?

This is getting out of hand.

The game’s constant crashing is really getting on my nerves even when I turn Quick Resume off or restart my Series S :rage::triumph:


I play on One X and lately my game been crashing constantly, not sure if spending to much time at the rally expansion have triggered a crashing bug, or my xbox just despises FH5 right now, but something is wrong with this game at the moment.
The game worked fine untill the Lunar year update, since then the crashing has gone worse and worse every week for me at least.


Its become even worse. Now Everytime i finish a multiplayer event and want to start the next one , my menu freezes so i press the xbox button. When i do that the game crashes in the backround. After restarting the game, the entire Championship i just finished is Shown as Unplayed, even my progress metwr on the festival playlist has been reset to 0. As if i didnt just spent 30 minutes Trying to race with random people.

I can even telltale when the game is about to crash. When choosing my car The portraits arent Shown, just whited out. I know for a fact that if i try to choose any of the cars my game will start freezing. Then i land back inthe pause menu and the game crashes, literally deleting my entire progress of the last 30 minutes. Hell i even made this screenshot to show what it looks like before it WILL happen. Im scared to choose any car because i dont want to loose my progress again.


Good and bad news.

Bad news:
Because i tried it offline, the game didnt crash right away but my lancer was suddenly stock blue, normally it has this black white and green Design that i made.

I just started driving. Seconds After i made this screenshot the game crashed.

Good news: this time at least My progress wasnt lost. I have completed the suv B class run.

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I just the quit the game for good today. For nearly 4 months now (since the “WInter Wonderland” update on 7 December), the game has been crashing constantly in online play - whether Eliminator, open racing, or car selection for open racing. I’ve had it. Bought the “premium edition” for early release in early November, 2021, and I’ve been a dedicated player since the start. It’s clear that Playground Games has no interest in fixing a problem of their own creation, despite numerous tickets filed. I have every FH game. FH4 online works without a single glitch, but that game is 6 years old now, and I bought FH5 for a reason.
But I will never buy another Playground Games product, and I will never play this game again. Uninstalled.


I havent even touched The eliminator.

I hate that gamemode. The fact that fh5s main map was built purely around this gamemode is one of the reasons why its so empty.

You can drive from one side to the other in a straight line without hitting anything (i tried that, its true)

I miss when we had Maps that actually felt alive.

Fh2 had the best weather effects, fh3 may had the most out of the map glitches but the online comunity actually engaged with one another(though many tended to only do the goliath or drag races) Fh4… meh. This was the start of ghosting, the seasin change was an interesting mechanic but it turned winter into ghost lobbies (because many people dont enjoy ofrroading, wich is sad)

I dont think well ever have a good and engaging map as long as Forza tries to keep its E-Rating.

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