The concept of leagues

Hey guys, i wanted to start a discussion about the concept of leagues in the current state and how it could or should be changed in the future. First of all, my xbox is currently on sale, but I could consider buying the next gen xbox if T10 does magic and changes the current things which are no good. There are a lot things which have to be worked on, and a lot of people already mentioned here in the forums. I want to focus the thread on Leagues, which where bugging me from the first day or should I say after a few months? Because, as I played multiplayer after 3 months I discovered leagues as i accidently clicked on it. Before that I thought it was something about Forza RC, and I never bothered to go there. But Leagues are multiplayer too, so why isn’t it in multiplayer. Maybe its poor UI or I’m dumb. Next thing which I can’t work out is, how it actually works. Maybe I am really dumb, but a League to me is a championship where players participate and collect points over a season and you got a position in a leaderboard which you can imrpove race after race. Is it somewhere? Because i cant find it. It only counts my wins in the left bottom corner and there is a car displayed. And I realized that I win this car no matter if I win one race or 20. Is that right? Because it does not make any sense to me. Maybe I’m understanding it totally wrong and there is something competitive about it I have missed. But if not, it should be changed. I want to compete in motorsport-type of championship against other players like in F1 or name any other championship which is based on collecting point through races. A good start would be to just count points of finish positions. So 1st gets 20, 2nd gets 18 and so on. Everyone can drive 24/7 and who collects the most points at the end of the week wins. There will be freaks who grind 200 races in this period of time and I will only have 20, ok. I dont care, as long as I have a competition and can see my results in a leaderboard. What do you think, and how would you change Leagues? Cheers!

Fair questions - Not sure I have any good answers but this is what I understand:

I don’t know how or why you win the cars - there are usually 2 of them. I believe the one on the bottom you win just for racing a league race one time “participation”. I believe the car at the top you win if you compete once each week throughout the month. also participation.

The purpose of the leagues (from what I can tell) is to allow drivers with the same skill sets to be able to race against each other and be competitive and have fun races. From my understanding it is not to “win a prize” - rather in this case the prize is you get to race with people who are just as fast as you are so you all have good races that are always competitive and fun. This concept to me is awesome and I like it. (i believe there should be penalties applied but that is just me, and we don’t have those yet anyways, and that was probably not even FM7’s intention)

ex. start in tier 1 level 5, win races get points go to level 4 and so on. Once you complete the levels and you are level 1 you will move to a new tier.

If you grind for 200 hours per week but you can’t win, you will go backwards in the tier so it would be pointless. But yes if you grind 200 hours per week and keep winning you will move to the top tier where you will also race against people who are as fast as you.

I seem to be at a Tier where I will not be moving up any further yet most every race i’m in in the leagues are really close and a lot of fun, with the occasional alien passing through who is clearly going to go to the next tier :).

When I was still working on my car collection I always did the one League race each week to get the weekly car and the series car at the end of 4 weeks. I always raced in Ghost lobbies as I don’t need the stress of the toxic experience any other lobbies might bring. Now I don’t ever go back unless it is for a Forzathon challenge. I am still in Grassroots, level 4 and don’t see getting any higher. Especially as I don’t seem to gain any points from there. In fact, a couple of nights ago I actually WON the race and still got -2 points for it. Hard to get a better ranking with those kind of results.

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Yep league scoring makes absolutely no sense

How is it possible to win races and still lose points

Ive had races where ive started 15th or 16th and finished 3rd and still list points…more stupid is that it said i lost points for starting and finishing position as well

Also if you get a dnf due to people constantly ramming and you keep going the end results of dnfs get sorted by time in race so a person that quit on the first lap finishes ahead of you in the standings after the race
Nearly as bad as in fm6 when dnfs WERE sorted by alphabetical order … i tested this too

To be fair a lot of it is you not understanding what is written on the screen.
The idea is to progress up the leagues from grassroots, beginner, pro etc. You may notice your level is shown everytime you race and how it has changed.
You do this by winning or placing well.
Bad results drop you back down the lists.
The free cars are just for taking part, no skill required.
The idea is to improve your talents and move up the ranks.
Personally I only race the ghost races because one idiot in a race can knock lots of points off your hard earned rank.

I hope you learn something from this and never assume stuff, read what’s in front of your eyes and find out for yourself.
Soo many people on this forum miss out on stuff because they don’t use their eyes or brains. Sorry to be blunt but this is what you basically said yourself.

It’s pointless asking to discuss how you would change Leagues when you don’t even understand it in the first place.

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Well actually I am in pinacle, and I enjoy being in a group of people who are somewhat better than the usual group of players who will be find in the regual hoppers. BUT, it is not garantueed, because I find from time to time people who are griefers and cant race in pinacle too. Also you can go up in Tier if you only do drift and then switch in pinacle to the race-lobbies. One suggestion would be to devide the tiers in each Race categorie (Race 1, 2, 3, 4). So i can be pinacle in ghost racing but still be grasshopper in drift and cant mess up the drift community if I suddenly decide to show them my shtty drifting skills in their lobbies. I find the concept of leagues as it is now a bit unpolished, so in my opinion there is room for improvement. You dont have to aggree with me, as this discussion is exactly for this purpose. Maybe some other suggestion can bring up an interessting idea which could be implemented in FM8 in the future.

I mean, don’t you agree that it is now more of a ranking system than a league? Maybe it’s my wrong understanding of the word

Since you can be the worst type of driver, e.g. cut, shunt, ram, etc and still “win”, leagues mean nothing.

I mainly race leagues these days. I rarely see straight up rammers in the Pinnacle lobbies and I like the variety of the weekly changing hoppers. It lets me drive cars I normally would not in standard hoppers.

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So as there are no leaderboards here are my thoughts. Add seperate leaderboards to every event each. Therefore you can have four different ranks depending on your progress in leagues. The events can be viewed as racing series. So, for example, event 1 is “Motorsport” with simulation mode and changing homoligation groups each season from Touring Cars to LMP1. Your results in each race will give you points which will be added to your stats in each leaderboard of the event. At the end of the season you got your position in the leaderboard. If you are in the top 50 % of the leaderboard you get for example the Rotek S3 Touring car as a prize (maybe in a special bronze livery for 3rd podium?), if you are in the Top 30% you get the SLS GT3 (silver livery) and for the top 10 %, they get a LMP1 car (gold livery). You can then brag about in the normal hoppers with your gold lmp1-car that you won something in leagues. The same goes with drift series. Top 50% mazda mx-5 (Bclass) with drift-tune and special forza livery, top 30% nissan 350Z (a class), top 10 with drift-tune and special forza livery Silvia (s class). These are just some suggestions which came up my mind as I thought how Forza Motorsport could enhance the motorsport experience. Maybe ite silly, but why not give the whole game a more competitve feel, as you are part of something. I would gladly come back

Summary-ish of Leagues Points Ranking -

I believe that link sums up the points ranking system. I personally like the concept very much - I do wish the penalty system was in play for leagues - or SPECIFICALLY for leagues. But…again I do not think that was the intention of FM7 - in my mind it should be - but its not - so :). Having fun either way. I typically choose to run clean laps and try give positions where it makes sense and pass when I can cleanly without hitting someone, I’m typically slower but meh - I still have fun. Also - as I mentioned, I seem to be racing more and more against people who are in my same skill-set which has made the racing more fun in leagues.


While thats how the points scoring should work it doesnt explain how starting mid pack and finishing 1st you end up with negative points
Cant possibly be due to the others having a really reallypoor rating

Since my league points started working again Sunday (been showing all zero’s for nearly the entire month), I’ll take a look and see if I can determine something about your comment related to starting mid pack and finishing first, however…that would mean i’d have to finish first and I don’t seem to do that…ever lol

If I had to guess i’d say it has something to do with T10 not describing a few scenarios and scoring systems that we can easily have access to. If someone has a link to the exact points system of Leagues that would be great…maybe they have, I just don’t know where it is - or google doesn’t know - or i’m not reading enough to know.

Basically if you start in a certain position say 10th, you need to finish around that position to gain points. If you finish in 9th you should gain a few and even more for podiums and say a 4th or a 5th from starting in 10th. If you were to finish 11th or 12th or higher you would probably lose a few, Grid order is based on best clean lap. Scoring and skill do not necessarily go hand and hand. It is a very flawed system giving corners cutters and wreckers points for doing what they are doing if it gets them a good finishing position. No extra points for clean laps like in Forza 6. It seems anyone can get to Pinnacle if they play long enough but you do get some very good racers along with some very bad. I do a lot of leagues and never received negative points for starting mid pack and getting a podium. Every time I start leagues I have to go into to any lobby twice for it to show me what is happening with points. If I don’t do that it will show zero points but when I go in and out I will see that my points actually did change even though it showed me zero up or down. So it was not really not doing anything it just was not showing me. Same thing happens every time I initially start doing leagues. One other thing it glitches on the start sometimes and some people have delayed start. At the end if the race it fixes their position and you can end up losing to someone you never saw.

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Forza leagues are nothing more than slightly more sophisticated public hoppers, only differences are the tier system and rewards. People can still wreck and slam others out of the way and cut the track to their heart’s desire and it makes no difference to the race result.

REAL leagues are found on websites such as TORA, ORL, DOR, etc, where there are proper rules, qualifying, and penalties for bad driving. The problem with them is that in order to participate you have to create an account on their site and do a bunch of registration stuff for each league, which is a lot of extra steps before the actual race.

If T10 got rid of the current league system and made a forum for these sites to create and host their leagues, they would get a lot more traffic.