Thank you for the Veneno!

I anticipate much mayhem… err fun… will be had!

I just wanted to say thanks and didn’t see a thanks thread here, my apologies if I missed it.

It’s a shame I can’t sell it. I already bought one a while back. Now it’s just wasted CR.


I wouldn’t say that. You got the pleasure of having the Veneno several weeks before everyone else. =)

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The gifted one has a great design :wink:

Thanks T10 for the Lambo

Me to im mad i already bought one and now its goin to waste :frowning:

I was thinking about buying one only a few days ago, so it’s very welcome in my garage, but what gives? Is it a VIP reward car?

I’d say its a vip gift like the Lotus e21 on forza 5. Bought a Veneno yesterday. Great car to drive

I too just bought one of these a couple days ago, after much deliberation. I love the car and use it for several speed traps due to its zippy response and turn hugging ability. I do wish we could gift the cars we paid credits for. I understand not letting people regift cars or DLC cars but if I paid credits for it in game I’d like to be able to reinvest the equity in my garage if I choose too or gift it to some casual player who would love to drive some of the higher priced cars. Not all of the people can play the game as often as might be needed to earn credits to try all the awesome cars in the game. I miss the auction house, gifting and club car sharing.

But, I digress, Thank you T10 for the sweet ride.

Happy Racing!

Yay for having 3 venenos!!!

It’s pretty easy to get cars in the game regardless… Only need 3 more and I can buy two of them, I just don’t want to. Lol.

It looks like a fish.

Thanks tho, 'preesh.

I believe the technical term is “pooch”.

Love the car, glad I held off from buying it. Great paint job on it too.

Thanks T10.

I’m getting the ViP pack today, will I still get a Veneno, or is it only for people that had it before? I already have one in my garage but another one would not be turned away haha! It’s a kick-ass race car and good for speed cameras too, love it. =)

I’m pretty sure you will. I got FM5 VIP only a couple of months ago and a couple of days after I installed the VIP car pack maybe a dozen more cars turned up in my FM5 inbox. Very surprising!

The car looks great, however I’ve been a VIP since day one and haven’t received anything so far (Not the Veneno, not the Fuel special livery neither on Horizon or FM5), the bonus car for playing the demo. Should I contact someone about this in specific?

Thanks for the Veneno PG & T10.


B Wald


Looks very fishy, I like it

Yes but the car smells terrible on hot days.

Hehe I can imagine :))

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