Terrible Acceleration Vs AI --- All Races Unwinnable


I am getting through the tutorial section playing with the cars I was given, and each race is impossible. I will race it perfectly and I come in dead last by a mile. I’m only playing on average difficulty.

Even just getting out of the car block, I am stomped. I used to play manual + clutch, but I switched to automatic to make sure it wasn’t just my bad gear shifting. Look at this short video. I get demolished:

I figured at first maybe this is just to give them a head start, but I never speed up enough to remotely catch up.

Is there something bugged with my AI or am I accelerating wrong some how?

The car you’re using is RWD, and your opponents are driving AWD cars. They will obviously have a huge advantage in launching on dirt surfaces.

Since I can’t see the speedo in your video, I’m gonna assume your car is just spinning it’s power away because you’re just doing a huge burnout at the start… Either try launching off with 50% throttle (don’t mash the right trigger), or switch to an AWD car/install an AWD swap on your car.

Accelerating wrong. Turn on traction control.

A few things…i use that car ALOT…love it. What you are showing doesnt seem right. First off, no sound on the tv? (Cant hear engine revs), also you hid the speed/tac…again…cant see revs. Either your controller is limiting your throttle input, or you are intentionally being deceptive to fan flames.

Im not going to speculate as to which it is, but those seem to be the only two options given what i see

Dude this is such a troll video :joy: you’re barely pressing the trigger

Thanks for the suggestions about throttle. I will try and re-upload video if I still experience problems.

And no I am not trying to waste peoples time with a troll flame. I have an ultra wide gaming monitor so when I filmed from my chair that was all I got.

In general I will say this is the first Forza game where my cars speed as been way down through many parts of the race, not just the start, so I was not aware of this throttle mechanics. Will look now, thank you.

As for “not pressing the trigger” this is an elite controller and it was pressed at max :confused:

So traction control was on already.

I’ve made a new video with sound + I show my settings before race start and you can see the speed this time.

In general, acceleration is extremely slow and this on all the cars I’ve had. I am flooring the trigger.

Ive found the issue

The trigger was not going all the way down because of a back lock setting on the controller.

I figured something like that was the issue, it looked like your trigger was set for first person shooter type short trigger pulls, which in a racing game will limit throttle.

Now go win some races lol

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Car selection and tuning can make a huge difference. If you’re struggling try a different car; and try downloading some tunes, may take a bit of trial and error till you find one you like, but are well worth the effort

Glad that you found your issue with the trigger travel limitation.
Also I found out that a lot of cars require the installation of the sport gearbox upgrade (to allow final gear ration adjustment) in order to be competitive with higher drivatar difficulty

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