Team Eliminator (Red vs Blue)

There should be a new version of Eliminator that team base.

  • have the option to buy back a team member, instead of upgrading after winning a head to head race as an additional option.
  • being able to unlock that pesky achievement for winning a eliminator if lone wolf isn’t your style.
  • encourages more fun with the option of team chat!

I really think this will take off as an idea.
GT: Djaj88

Cool idea. I would play this.

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Would the event automatically end if all the members of one team were eliminated?

Possible or it could get to a certain amount of people left, and possibly unequal amount per team due to strategy of people deciding on buybacks or upgrading their cars.
The end race could be exciting as speed or more chances to win determine the winner, but it could also take a balance approach.

thats a neat idea! and how it could work in terms of actually eliminating could be:

  1. the team that gets the most amount of eliminations wins, so lets say one blue boi vs one red boi challenge each other, the person who wins this race can upgrade while the person who loses can still respawn and challenge more players (with the same car as before or with a 1 lvl lower than its previous car)

  2. a team eliminates the other one just like it works with the normal eliminator, so if two players challenge each other, one of them will get eliminated, there, they can spectate or leave the game (this can include the buy back feature this post mentions when a player has the opportunity to upgrade the vehicle or buy back another player).

This mode will be awesome

IDK, maybe I’m stupid, but it sounds more like playground games Infected, but with more players and on bigger map. Or maybe I’m missing something?

How is that supposed to work? Like 30 vs 30? Smaller teams? For convoys only?
Can “freeroam” players interact with people “in race”? (there is a reason why convoys can’t join Eliminator)
There would be final race? When would is start? (I see a possibility of “infinite” final circle where there is still 20+ people and they “buy back” teammates all the time)
Or maybe final circle would shrink until it would be too small for two cars?