Request: Allow us to play eliminator with friends


Not sure how to make requests elsewhere but please let us play eliminator with friends. I really want to play but I’m not going to play solo. Would he a blast to play with friends.

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I found the fact that you can’t play with friends quite silly too. Maybe they fear some sort of cheating?

Good suggestion. Form a convoy than join any online mode together. I like it.

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I actually think it would make things more fun. Imagine how rewarding it would be to take down a whole convoy. Or be in the mix of convoys taking on other convoys while you play solo.

I would also like to see a list of players who are waiting in lobby before a match or race. That way I can spot people I know and seek them out.

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Is this a joke? Teaming up in a free for all battleroyal game mode literally counts as cheating. Its gotta be team or alone not both.


I never said that it needed to be a solo lobby. The eliminator has up to 60 people. Make a mode that allows teams of 3 or something.

Or just let me play solos with friends… LIKE RACING and PLAYGROUND GAMES.

Your argument doesn’t hold water because right now you could join a lobby with 10 teammates and gang up on 1 racer but why would you do that? People play to win.

When I play the eliminator, I usually go the entire thing without challenging anyone or being challenged. I enjoy avoiding the other players til the final leg.

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Clubs gang up on other players all the time in online racing. Nothing worse than entering a race and seeing a gang of clubsters lined up and ready to trash anyone not in their club. Some of the more “elite” clubs really hate losing to a scrub that can out drive them.


It would be good if they added a second, team-based mode to it, but they shouldn’t let people queue up in groups for it as it is now, cos you’d have people working with each other to cheat.

I’m not sure how a team-based version would work, but I’m sure they could come up with something.

Eliminator with friends will never come. As there are to many possibilites to cheat.

First of all with a real big forza club it would be possible to block a complete eliminator session with its own club members so they could win clockwise to get all the accolades done. Even with only a few friends there were uncountable options to influence the gameplay in a bad way.

Just think of it they are in a xbox party group with voice chat. So the first with a high level car could a) secure other car drops for his “team members” as mostly noone get close to a car drop when there is already a high level opponent is waiting, b) guard the weaker teammates with his high level car. c) they could exchange the positions of the actual car drop positions. d) and alone the way you choose your start point…

With eliminator playable with friends it would no challenge anymore to win the eliminator without any car drops.

hey, when in rome …
the cheaters are and have been having a field day with FH4 and now here in FH5 so yeah, why not let us all cheat!

ahahaha … funny post OP!

I think a Team Eliminator variant would be fun. Still last-man (or last-team) standing, but you’d have allies that you don’t need to race against.

Allow convoys of up to 12 like the other game modes.

Yea its obvious to me that the other people here don’t play online games. I haven’t experienced this so called ganging up they keep complaining about. And battle royale as a team is a thing. Set it to 20 teams of 4 or something. Easy.

How exactly would a convoy of players cheat in eliminator? Would 3/4 of them spend their time slowing down and ramming other players to boost the other 1/4 players in their team? That would require some high level coordination and a huge investment in time by a whole convoy for no guaranteed win.

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