Taking request for drag tunes

Looking to improve your drag times? Send me an in game message with your car and the specifics and I will do my best to build you a solid tune. I cannot guarantee it will be a leaderboard tune but I will promise it to be competitive and easy to drive.

I prefer to tune S class and up. But will try other classes

Hey mate I sent you a message on xbl for request…could you also add the Merc SLK 55 amg to the one I requested please

Challenger 392 please rwd

Your tunes are ready Steve… working on yours now Epic

Your tune is ready Epic… let me know what you guys think

I can vouch for Wookie. I race with him and against him and his tunes are top notch.

Have to agree mate…I have had a few tunes off him now and they have all shaved time off my previous runs…the man knows what he is doing for sure

Just about to grab your civic tune mate…is it for 1/4 1/2 or full mile?..or all rounder?..Thanks in advance mate

Hey I just grabbed your amg merc…nice motor and some quick times :slight_smile:

Hey again mate could you do a Mercedes 190 Evo awd please

Glad you guys are liking the tunes. I try to make them competitive over all distances. I will try to get everyone’s requests built today and will send in game messages when they are completed

Thanks man glad your enjoying them

Vw rabbit gti please :smile:

I have mine up and it hits 8.1s in the quarter and 12.8s in the half… Just look up my GT.

The S799 Rabbit I have gotten to:

8.105 in the quarter
12.750 in half
20.883 in the mile

Currently this one is not available for download.

Suspension is my speciality and takes time and patience to get right on each car. A lot of trial and error.

Quick question how do you tune the suspension ? Because I have my own tune in s class and I’m wondering if I can improve I currently do 8.1s 12.8s 21s. Also good tune et wookie I tried out on the mile and managed 20.934.

I could write a book on suspension tuning… but it all comes down to weight transfer. Ideally you want to transfer as much weight as you can to the drives wheels especially in rwd applications. In awd setups its more about weight displacement and optimizing grip. Its about finding that sweet spot between your springs your dampening and your alignment. Dont be affraid to try new settings. The benchmark is just a guide, just because it looks good doesn’tmean its the fastest. So keep that in mind so that when you make changes, even if the benchmark says it will make you slower, go run it anyway you might be surprised

Hey I was trying to get a P Class mile tune preferably Studie AG’s who can i pay 20 mill… LOL

I hear a guy named toxicspyder has it since apparently hes the one responsible for mine and StudieAG’s tunes lol

Thank you both for your help I’ve managed to get my rabbit gti to 8.133 12.817 and 20.917 so I’m getting there. Another question were do you like you torque percentages at ?