Need any circuit tunes? just ask me!

I’m not trying to be egotistical but i have nearly 2800 tune downloads. I make really good circuit and drag tunes. If you ever need a good circuit tune, just ask me. I tune the gear ratios and test each tune before releasing the tune.This is so each tune is to the best it can be. Just private message me. Please don’t ask for drift tunes though. i mostly do AWD tunes.

gamertag: QuasiBiscuit857

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okay that’s perfect so you say you do race Tunes do you do any rally Tunes? race tunes are good too do you do any rally tunes? And if so if you could show me the ideal set up for an average all wheel drive rally car Warroad car that would be awesome I don’t have a mic so maybe you could just text it and then send it to me I actually just need to know about the damping bump stiffness and spring height and height of the vehicle

Got any tips for a 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 tune for Goliath?

u think u could do a circuit tune for the 95 911 gt2 with the stock bumper, forza wing, and the OZ Racing Superturismo gt wheels? i like this tune to be S1. and one more thing i almost forgot. the standard race wheels as well. not the wheels with forza horizon letters.

also im looking for a goliath tuned jaguar project seven HE with stock body work. no forza front bumper and the standard spoiler. and no roll cage. i like mine to look completly stock. thx in advance.