T500RS and Horizon 4

Hi Everybody, so I’m having an issue with FH4 and wheel support, I’ve seen a bunch of the threads and videos but nothing works for me.

I’m running a Thrustmaster T500RS and… it works… kinda… it feels like playing a bad arcade racer from the 90s, I hit full lock with 1 or 2 inches of input and changing things like steering linearity and steering sensitivity do exactly nothing, my drivers are set to 900 degrees and everything is updated, I’ve pulled my hair out once or twice already in past simply giving up on running a wheel in horizon because of this same issue and ultimately end up picking back up my xbox controller and going to back to the sticks (I should probably clarify that I’m on PC) But I really want to play this game with a wheel lol I’m not expecting some magical answer, but I guess I’m just hoping to find someone who also had to go through this with the T500, because all the treads and guides I can find are about the logitech G29. and I’ve seen videos of people driving with a logitech wheel in horizon 4 with what looks like an almost 1:1 steering ratio, and I would love to join that particular club if anyone has experience with a similar issue to mine.

I had the same problem with my Logitech DFGT and found some improvement by setting it to not allow the game to adjust the settings. It’s still not perfect but it did help for me