Suzuki Jimny 2018-current

This cute little suv is sold in Mexico! Would be so happy to see this on FH5. We really need some good Suzukis

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Speaking of Low demand, does this mean over 80% of people never wanted a Suzuki in the game? just because their cars look too “normal” in their perspectives?

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I think there’s two parts of it:

1 - Suzuki is very common in some counties but non-existant in others so the interest isn’t as universal as brands like VW

2 - People generally want to own/drive cars ingame that they can’t irl

In the countries where Suzuki is available it’s often just a car people ignore as it’s so common, they’re relatively affordable so if people really wanted one then they can obtain it irl and so don’t care if it’s in the game or not.

Instead they’ll flock to more high-end performance models like BMW M cars, AMG and then exotics like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley etc which they can’t afford irl and it’s unlikely they’ll have ever a chance to drive one.

The sandbox nature of the game is another big reason; most people can’t afford to buy a Koenigsegg irl and even if they can it’s unlikely they can afford to then turn it into a rally car and take it offroad or upgrade it to well over 1000hp with massive anti-lag turbos.

There are obviously outliers and the people who’d like to have their own everyday car in the game but in general people tend to flock towards the high-end cars they want to own irl but will likely never have the means to.

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I’m one of the people who liked to see a group of common cars in a game. I do like high-performance cars too. But obviously, from what I know, Suzuki cars like Jimny and Swift are common in my country, and they currently appeared in Gran Turismo 7 only. It’s quite a rare addition for common cars to join such racing games that only a few people like me can approve, and it’s totally fine as long as it’s the exact car that’s found in my country. Take the Hilux AT38, Land Cruiser AT37, Hyundai Kona, Nissan Safari, and Mercedes X-Class for example. They’re common cars in my country, but the Safari is called Patrol and the X-Class is based on the Nissan Navara D23, in which they are common in my country’s traffic and streets.

And turning a Koenigsegg to a rally car with 1000HP upgrades and Anti-lag turbos is SOOO crazy, especially Engine-swapping to racing V12s, which is way more obnoxious. They went too far when it comes to upgrading cars, but you know, I never want to upgrade my cars that way. It’s so funny that they really wanted to use it to race everytime in Online races and other competitive gameplay such as races and maybe Festival Playlist challenges. They do look like the way children play the game, upgrading cars ridiculously like they didn’t care, regardless of how much they enjoy playing the game.

Also, if you wonder where I live and where I mentioned these common cars, I am from the Philippines and yes they do have them down here. I just enjoyed driving my arctic Hilux in-game for example, peace and quiet. Suzuki is also common down here too, especially Swift and Jimny. But a minor problem is that Swift Sport didn’t arrive to the Philippine market branch of Suzuki. And for Hyundai Kona, the N version didn’t arrive in Hyundai’s Philippine branch. That is literally why I wanted to drive the Swift Sport and maybe Jimny in a racing game.

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Yea I’m the same, I do appreciate all the high end cars in the game but I spend most of my time in the lower classes and driving stuff like the MG3 in D or C Class.

I’d also love to see a Swift as I’ve actually been considering buying one irl

I have a friend who has a Jimny built for light off-roading on trails and it would be nice to have a modern 4x4 that’s not something more performance-oriented like a Ford Raptor.

Either that or something like a VW Polo / Golf GTI instead of a Golf R as most people I think would like a GTI model for a change over the constant R’s we tend to get.

I’m South African so we also get a bunch of similar cars to you, the Hilux and Land Cruiser are immensely popular here alongside stuff like the Mitsubishi Pajero and Isuzu D-Max.

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Not everyone wants the highest end version of a particular car
I’m not surprised there are people from certain parts of the world that want cars from their countries in the game no matter what version it is
There’s definitely people out there who find e.g. a VW Bora diesel more appealing than the latest from Ferrari
I’m from Northern Ireland so the car scene here is usually VW Group cars e.g. VW, Seat, Skoda etc with a diesel engine, Peugeot 306 DTurbos, Lexus IS200’s and a lot more, so seeing cars you can relate to rather than hypercars that are pretty much unobtainable is really important



Another factor that’s appealing to me with some of the lower end cars is that it’s feasibly something I can obtain but I have freedom ingame to do what I want with it.

Like I currently have a '03 VW Polo and if it was added to the game I’d love to do like a VR6 engine swap to it or something like that (not like a V12 or anything but something a little bit quicker than what it has already).

It’s not something I can do irl but it takes that car that’s familiar to me and let’s me tinker around with it in a way I can’t irl which is what I mainly enjoy.

There’s also the issues where some of the higher end cars are added to the game but their ingame stats make them pretty useless due to the PI System.

Especially stuff like the Mercedes-AMG Sedans where they have a lot of power and so end up in S1 where they’re not particularly useful due to their size and weight.

In cases like that a lower end model in A Class would be more useful and entertaining to drive imo.

Yeah it’s important that the devs should consider having more cars that us players can relate to, especially as we mature as car guys
Sure having various Lambos is cool, but the majority of car guys who play the game would rather have something either they can relate to/easily obtain e.g. Suzuki Swift etc or something completely obscure e.g. Nissan Figaro
(I am wondering where the A45S would lie in terms of PI rating if it was added by the way)


I have the same type of friend who owns a Jimny for the same light off-road opportunities, even my cousin owns one too. And I heard the Ford Ranger Raptor is pretty much common here in the Philippines that most people in my country bought it and it became best-selling. All because Ranger Raptor is a lot more affordable in their end.

For the Land Cruiser, it’s the Prado model. It just got renamed to Land Cruiser only in EU markets. My family had a Pajero IRL, but we sold it like 3 years ago. Although, I wanted to vote for the Pajero Evolution, the rally-homologated version of it.

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I agree, we are matured. We sometimes like to see some common cars from various countries we live in, to the game. It’s kinda too bad that there are people out there who wanted high-performance cars to only be added in their end in most cases.

We also like high-performance cars too, but probably those immatured people wouldn’t know much about what a racing game really is, when it comes to varieties of cars and their knowledge, as well as different levels between starting off with regular cars and jumping to the high-performance ones as we progress.

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For the A45S we’re looking at around 416bhp, 500n.m and 1650kg of weight with AWD and a 7-Speed.

None of the super Hot Hatches are particularly close to that but the 2020 Audi RS 3 Sedan is with figures of 394bhp, 480n.m and 1630kg with AWD and a 7-Speed too.

The Audi comes in at A734 stock.

So we’re looking at 22 extra bhp and 20 extra n.m alongside 20kg extra weight so it’s a pretty straight difference in all aspects.

Generally power and torque is weighted a little bit more than weight so I’d expect the A45S to come in around A742 or so stock.

Depends on tires as well, it would be higher if it came in on Semi-Slicks stock but I’d expect it to have Sports like the Audi.

Yeah like the Bora traffic car we have in FH5 is based on the Bora VR6 that was in the 360 era Motorsport games, I’m sure there are people who would love to have in the game as a drivable car but I know there’s a lot of people out there who take the opportunity in spades to drive it in the game if the devs added in a regular Bora especially if it’s a diesel

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There are definitely cars out there where the highest end version isn’t always the best version or the version we want