Suzuki Swift 2017-current

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Suzuki Swift 2017-current (3rd generation)


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Here is a photo of the car


It’s my car(in Taiwan)
And Swift is very popular in Taiwan
Really want see it in Forza Universe


First picture is right, But second picture is previous generation(ZC32S)

thanks for reminder

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Suzuki Swift Sport Katana (2019)

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2017 Swift Sport. And better yet, one of 'em is sold in Mexico and across EU and UK!!! Suzuki should return to Forza with this hot hatch!!!


Suzuki Swift Sport


The Swift is also here in the Philippines. I wanna see it too in the Forza world!


Don’t own one, but the Swift Sport feels very agile for a top-trim five-door hatchback. I don’t care that it is a small car, but it is definitely a fun one with its turbocharged 1.4 L inline-four. If anything, I would prefer to see the Series 2 which was released in 2021, notably due to the introduction of a new colour for the Swift: Flame Orange Metallic which came with a black roof. That said, you can give it two paint groups and allow for a black roof with any other colour.
These small hatchbacks are more or less something you would likely see on the road more often than most high-end sports cars and supercars. This generation Swift Sport is definitely a car I can get behind wanting to see it in a Forza title.


It’d be perfect for the Japanese car season AKA season 17.


Vote is not just for FH, is for Motorsports too


Customised Street Suzuki Swifts used for racing in Europe in Swift Cup Racing


We need more cup cars in motorsport


Love this car, Suzuki Swift Sport on Forza Motorsport can be amazing!
Love the idea of driving it on Nordschleife for hours!

2019 Suzuki Swift Sport Katana

Limited to 30 cars for the Dutch market only


No they’re both current Gen but I can can see how you’d be mistaken the up till 17 model and current do look similiar

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Yea, we need more spec cars since they want expand on spec racing

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Yes, for now, the picture is right, because meganinja202 has fixed it.

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