Suzuki Jimny 2018-current

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Suzuki Jimny (4th Generation)

This Topic includes both the JDM Kei-Car Jimny and the International Jimny Sierra with a larger size and engine.


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • 3-Door Wagon
  • 5-Door Wagon
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Which market version do you prefer?

  • Japan (Base - 658cc I3 Turbo)
  • International (Sierra - 1.5L I4)
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Jimmy photos


2018 Jimny
1.5 I4
5-speed manual

This is the Global version of Jimny, which is sold as Jimny Sierra in Japan. It even gained popularity in the Philippines as well.

Meanwhile in North America, since Suzuki is no longer in US & Canada, they’re still selling cars in Mexico.


Worth an add.



2019 Suzuki Jimny


2019 Suzuki Jimny Sierra

The smaller Jimny’s R06A 660cc turbocharged petrol engine produces 64PS of power and 96Nm of torque. It can be mated with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed AT. For fuel economy figures, the one with the manual gearbox can get up to 16.2km/L, based on the new WLTC Mode standards. As for the Jimny Sierra, the K15B 1.5L petrol engine produces 102PS of power and 130Nm of torque. Like the smaller Jimny, it can be fitted with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed AT.

Both the Jimny and the Jimny Sierra come with a ladder frame on their chassis as well as its three-link rigid axle suspension, ensuring the Jimny is more stable and more rugged while tackling the rough terrains at ease. The part-time 4WD system is a standard issue for all models and with the transfer lever, drivers can switch through three different modes such as running on rear wheels or engaging a low-range four-wheel drive in case of rough terrain coming through. Other features include a steering damper, brake LSD traction control, hill hold control, and hill descent control.


This truck would be perfect for FH5 in cross country racing to against any Jeep.


New Jimmy 5 doors



need susuki jimmy


Well this is unexpected… :joy:

Suzuki Jimny just recently arrived to Gran Turismo 7. However, their Jimny is the low-cost 658cc Kei model from Japan.

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Forza has no Suzuki since over a decade

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Yes, and the reason is unknown.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra


It is pretty well known

Low demand for most things Suzuki outside of the Liana

Or maybe Forza no longer adds Suzuki to their games anymore because Suzuki left USA in 2012. And maybe Forza only licensed the US branch of Suzuki. Turn 10 did this.

Although, the Liana is sold as Aerio in the USA.

The low demand is the more likely scenario

Using older data from 2020 shows how the want for Suzuki models is relatively recent

As you can see, Suzuki had about 157 votes total for the inclusion of any cars from the brand


That’s a good bit away from the top spots, being beaten by brands like Land Rover, Bentley and Hyundai (then just ramping up their sportscar offensive)

And also, if any Suzuki model is likely to appear in Forza, it’d be the most recent Swift at the time, amassing a total of 56 votes at the time.

Well, Suzukis are sold in the UK and PG is based in the UK so?

So, we should persuade PGG to start knowing about Suzuki cars. I sort of doubt that they never recognized them. They should begin handling responsibility in adding whatever Suzuki car we ask. Also, most Suzuki cars are sold in Mexico as well.

I’m sure PG would want to get Suzuki but the GT licence is restricting other games from getting their cars

Well, currently if you don’t the Swace (which is under Toyota Corolla E210), the top voted Suzuki is the Cappuccino on 705 votes.

This made me think I wanted GT7 so bad. Like I have to buy a PS5 just for that.