Supermarket V1

I have created a map with a supermarket and a car park in front of it, at the moment it is more suitable for photos but in the future I intend to enlarge the car park and make a drift track. I will be improving this in my spare time.
This is my first touch of map making so please be understand.

Share code: 123 377 932


I managed to improve the map a bit so I would like to share version 1.1 for you.

Main changes:

  • Changed shop design
  • More parking spaces
  • Improved horizontal markings (they do not float above the ground)
  • Night version

Day: 178 394 910
Night: 150 002 537

As I said this is my first time making a map and I have questions for those with more experience:
How do I map the new start point??
Can I edit an already released version without changing the share code?

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You can make changes to the uploaded blueprint from your creative hub but the game will still assign a new share code.