Blue print thoughts

If you have time to check one out and give me some feed back i would appreciate it.

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The good:

  • Nice use of platforms
  • Nice blend of desert/snow biome and hot wheels track
  • 1 or 2 nice jumps

The bad:

  • The start is atrocious :joy:, definitely easy to miss CP
  • Some corners you made with platforms don’t feel right and one corner sent me flying to my death. I could understand how challenging it is to get right though
  • I likes the blend of biomes but in saying that it doesn’t suit a road car or an offroad car but rather cars that do well both on/off road

Again very interesting. I like the idea. I would love to see what you could come up with in terms of a CC BP in the forest biome.

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Thank you will work on it i wish we had acsess to all track options it would make a huge difference