Sudden loss of car control

I’ve been having issues where the game starts pulling my car to the left, and even trying to turn right won’t stop it, and won’t let me turn right at all. Having issues with complete loss of control of car. Try to turn a corner in a race, and the car just keeps going straight. Car suddenly gets thrown hard left or right, or surging forward, even when trying to brake. Anyone else having similar issues?

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Nope. What is your setup? As in platform and controller. Do you have assisted driving on? Go to difficulty settings and turn this off if you do.

My first suggestion if it was just turning against your direction would be that maybe you have assisted steering on…

However, if it’s also going straight into turns in a race (that isn’t a custom route) that’s not likely the problem.

So, a couple of necessary questions:

What system are you playing on?

What kind of controller are you using?

Yes I get this problem all of the time, and I get it on the same bends every time. I have concluded that the auto-angle correct doesn’t work properly. The game works out how much your controller can turn your wheels for each bend, but it seems like it was not worked out properly for FH5.

I have not noticed this.

I run with no assists on a controller.

Are you running with assists?

If you are using a controller that is most likely the problem. I have worn out numerous controllers in the FH series. This is especially true with the default Microsoft controllers. My suggestion would be to find another controller to use to see if that fixes the issue. I currently have 3 Microsoft controllers that are jacked up because the stick is trash and cannot handle the constant turning required in racing games. I currently use a Razor Wolverine that has not given me any of these problems.
The only time I ever had steering problems the culprit was always the controller. Start there.

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Have you dropped your controller recently. I’ve had a controller go wobbly after being dropped on the floor.

when that happens, pause and wait about 5 seconds… rewind and keep racing

something is happening with this game. if you´re losing control and the game seems to ignore the control pad, it´s an internal problem OF THE GAME. something´s piling up and your machine cant keep up with it.

u could say it´s because your pc is old or something. it’s my case as well, but it’s undoubtful that in some parts of the map the game simply struggles to keep the frames.

i bet it´s a bad port, or a big INCOMPETENCY of this software. forza 5 is only big on commercials… the real thing is another story

Just stumbled on this article, about 2 months ago I spent legit 4 hours trying to figure out why this happened, troubleshooting, diff controllers, diff cars, etc. Still does it for sure, I do think it has something to do with the quantity that you use your brake in any given race within X amount of time in all honesty, that’s not a half-baked opinion either, I really ran quite a few races to not only re-produce it but pin point exactly things that could have caused it to happen and narrow down slowly each time, still happens on occasion though.

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shts mad annoying :expressionless: :frowning: