Subaru BRZ from Drift Club chapter 2?

Anyway to get this car and tune outside of the drift club? Makes drifting very easy!

You can buy the car at the Autoshow, afterwards go to upgrades and there should be a body kit, i haven’t played that Drift club mission in awhile so i don’t remember if the car had a body kit or not. I also haven’t bought the car and kit but i think the body kit is what makes it so good at drifting. If there is no body kit or it doesn’t help drifting, try downloading a drift tune. There is pretty much and unlimited amount of them.

Don’t remember the engine, I think it had the BMW swap, along with the bodykit and drift suspension obviously.

Purchase any BRZ, go to “Bodykit Presets”, and you can select the tune there.

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Thanks!1 that’s awesome :+1::grinning::grinning::grinning::+1: