Struggling at Bathurst

Why couldn’t Turn10 put the track in daylight like your video? It’s much easier to see around the track I think the dusk lighting is my biggest issue with the track. I have a tough time picking up the corners in the low light.

Hey Daz,did you even get up to 50 mph on that run,lol.

Haha they have strict rules of 60 Kmh (around 37 Mph) on the track when it is a public road and its known for Police to be sat around there with a speed gun, I was in a Hire car and really didnt’ fancy getting a ticket lol so although I really wanted to (And I did a little on another lap in The Chase corner) I stuck to the limit most the time


I havnt tried bathurst on any class lower then S but for S and highers it’s all about when and how you brake for the turns. Especially if ur in a speed car instead of handling. My best clean lap is 2.16 in s class with shelby gt500 '13. Dirty is r class at 2.07.

You want top end no matter how you build the car.

After that its determining what the car is giving you that will help determine the build. You can focus on grip to be able to make a lot of time in the corners, or all out power to crush the straights.

In C I run 22s-24s on average laps in grip based cars like a 97 civic, a kind of in between s15, and various types of acceleration builds on other cars. By the various types I might be in one car, but have a choice between two tunes with different tire upgrades. One will take the corners a bit better and the other just kills it on straights.

Slow in fast out works best here if you are having trouble.

Check leaderboard replay

when i seen him pass the suv creeping along my 1st thought was “crasher!!!” but it was ok because he passed hiermoniouses drivatar on the back striaght walking back to the pits.

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I guess that just comes to when in the day they have “set” it, I was at the track doing that video at mid day and as you can see it was a perfect day and the sun was practically right above the track (the shadows off the trees show that)

I dont disagree with you far from it, I think it would be a lot better with more light on the track

What annoys me most about this track is its Way off in proportion, its not wide enough and the “drop” coming down the hill is way more than you experience on the game and the second part of the esses are tighter than on the game imo

Yeah I have only seen the races in replays on youtube and it looks so tight going around it. I don’t know how they make the passes the drivers do. Big brass ones is all I can say.

Also 1 tip is get to know the corner cambers. See where you can pitch a car in and take more speed than what you should on a flatter corner. You will be surprised how fast you can take some of the corners. This also explains why you can run a lower grip, more power build.

Thanks for all the pointers. I spent quite a bit of time on it last night took everyone’s advice and improved my time by almost. 2 seconds. I think I got it figured out Thanks to all who responded!

Glad we could help out steel. What were you doing that was making you mess up if you dont mind me asking. Now that you have it figured out better whats the best advice you could give for the track for somebody else that could be having problems with bathurst.

Bathurst used to be my most hated track, but that accolade now belongs to Yas Marina. Bathurst ‘clicked’ for me eventually after months of being daunted by it. I can’t explain how or why, but I actually like Bathurst now. Throw your most favorite car with the best mix of speed and grip around it in Rivals, or take an Xbox-branded Holden round it for bonus achievement points, and just see if you can find the flow.