Struggling at Bathurst

I raise mostly c. B. a and s class. I think I am an average racer maybe a little above average you guys tell me if you raised with me. I do okay on most of the tracks on FM five. But this track I suck. I don’t know what it is about this track I can’t pinpoint why it is so difficult for me. Just looking for a little help

Don’t worry,most people have trouble with that track,just practice.

When you say difficult, do you mean difficulty in getting a clean lap or time in general? Bathurst is probably the most difficult to get a clean lap because there are so many places to dirty it with just a minimal wall nudge.

Best help I can think of for Bathurst (at least from my experience)

  1. Rhythm is important, especially on the mountain and in the esses. Having the right rhythm on the two mountain left turns can make a difference of several seconds. If you do it right, you can do both of them at nearly full speed.

  2. You have to slow down for the start of the esses. Failure to do that screws up many laps. It’s the single biggest mistake I see with Bathurst - not slowing down enough for the start of the esses.

  3. Also, some people try to do the uphill climb in too high of a gear.

Hopefully, some other better folks than me can give some better advice.


Hmm coming over the ridge and dropping down to the Esses I drop it down a gear and just redline it to slow the car down

Perhaps I could have said transition as opposed to “slow down”. However the transition to the start of the esses for folks works is cool. I just know when I race it on MP, the start of the esses is where I see the most wrecks followed by “so and so has quit”. :slight_smile:


Completely agree with rhythm. Took me many slow laps paying attention to how the corners transition into one another. It can be very frustrating as there are some very narrow points, but it will come.

Bathurst is a very challenging track, given the hills and narrow road flanked in most places by barriers. While I’m not an expert on it, I have found that proper braking points are critical. There is not much room for error, due to those aforementioned barriers. It’s not that you “suck,” it’s just an unforgiving course. Keep practicing and you’ll get it down!

brakeing points and turning points. that is the track where i wish we had telemetery in replays the most. going up the hill i have to cut right long before the racing line says to. by the time it says to cut rights i am cutting back to the left and the cars weight and momentum carry it wide enough to miss the wall on the right. my line and the suggested line are a series of exes going up the hill. i think i catch air after the left at the end of the hill top straight because the car suddenly gets grip and darts to the right getting around the corner clean most of the time. i usually use 3rd gear for going down. remeber to stay slightly on the gas even when braking in the turns. you car handles/turns better under power. i drop to 2nd going into the last right at the bottom and floor it as soon as i can. the tune i use i dont lift off the gas until slightly before the left turn. brake hard for that corner on the straight before the corner. brake too much and you’ll get passed. not enough and you are catching frequent flier miles. i got hit in the rear once and flew to the fence. that right bend i before i cut early again and let the weight of my car carry me wide enough to make it.

i’m not sure why most of my laps are clean, they feel like i did them just like the dirty few. and dont even get me started on turn 1. it took over 200 starts before i seen my first clean start. bathurst is a dual start race. the 1st start, the wreck everybody is in at turn 1, then the real start. i think i learned to practice wrecking so i could get back to the track and online the quickest. wreck recovery seems to be the biggest part of starting there.

It’s not that I can’t get a clean lap it’s that I’m struggling with the balance of the car. If I set my car up to be good at the top of the hill and through the esses I will lose too much on the straightaway. If I set my car up to be fast on the straits then I get killed in the esses. Just find it hard to get that right balance I run a 220 and B class. And I run around a 226 in C class. My friends that I race with beat me by one and a half to two seconds on that track but I can beat them by the same amount on other tracks I guess I just have to work harder and better myself on the track that gives me the most trouble

If you would like to try my Mach 1 on Bathurst in B class. I think thats what my rival time is in. Chase that car and see how to hit the corners. They arent perfect but it will give you a very good idea on what your looking for.

@ERS Johnson, your Mach 1 is one of my favourite tunes in FM5. I haven’t managed to get a good clean lap in it at Bathurst though, respect to your effort. I’ve had more luck in a Fairlady z69 tuned by PIT || Hawk ||. I also have a Trueno that’s 2 seconds better but it’s a left foot braking setup that I can’t drive properly.

@ the OP… Flat out, that’s it. No special wheelchairs or reaction enhancing drugs (maybe just a few). It’s pretty much go for glory, if you don’t get it in 5 laps take a break. Want inspiration? check mine, simmos and chronics replays in D class. All different builds/cars and techniques.


Also, quick question for you Sir EMW Mod, do you happen to have your Alfa Spyder tune shared? I can’t quite get mine to do the damage you do.

Not sure which Alfa you mean but I can personally make you one if you would like? Speed? Handling? I’ll put them both up when I’m back from work. Taking that you mean D class send me an xbox pm to confirm, cheers boys and girls.

I think you’re an above average driver, but that track is a handful… Given the length of it, I can screw the pooch more than a few times, then still grab a donut and coffee…

I hated that track for months but eventually it all came together, it’s pretty much my favourite track now.

That’s one thing I haven’t tried , good advice , I’ll. try it later

I believe the track is all public roads. More like a rally stage than a proper track, a blast up and over the mount then a run down the hi-way.

you are right. there are even houses inside the track. living there must suck on race days, you couldn’t go anywhere. fortunately its mostly farm fields.

It is indeed all Public Roads

Here is me going round the track a couple months ago - YouTube

Thats like Le Mans or Isle of Mann TT, it comes with the territory