Strange sound in Forzavista

Hi all, anyone know what the freaky sound in Forzavista is when you hit the X button? It’s one weird sound that’s for sure.

Isn’t “x” explode?

I have done it with a few cars and heard the doors/trunk/hood open, is that the sound?

Could you record it?

Certain cars stop the ability to use the explode function once they have had paint or tune applied. However, when you press the x button to use the explode function they still make the swish confirmation noise to confirm it’s been pressed.

Ahh! I see, that clears that one up thankyou.

Thanks to all who replied.

The only weird sound I don’t hear in forzavista is when the doors close they are so quite and I keep expecting a car door noise very weird to me to see doors close on a car and not hear the noise.

Everything for me seems fine in autovista. I dont have any issues with the sounds of the doors closing. I can hear them close as expected with a touch of reverb added to simulate the sound waves bouncing off the walls of your garage. Seems perfect to me.

The only thing I can think of is maybe your race effects volume is too low or your music is too loud. I don’t have the music playing I just have the sound effects on.