Explode button gone in Forzavista.

There used to be an explode button in Forzavista so you could open all doors at once, but now it is gone. Did anyone else notice this?

Also on my Ford Escort you can only open both doors and no longer the hood or trunk.

Is this normal or is there something wrong with my game?

The Explode button is available if you go to Forzavista via the Career menu but not if you View Car when selecting from My Cars. (at least, I have the Explode button in Forzavista right now).

I can’t open the hood on the Escort Cosworth either, but not all cars can, and I think it’s been that way since before the recent updates. Also, I haven’t tested this but I’ve heard that if you upgrade the aspiration on your engine, the hood will become locked.


Correct Max - aspiration or engine changes lock the bonnet.

OP - there are some cars which have no explode button. Which cars are you having issues with?


Nope, no more explode button in Forzavista, and I’m using the career menu.

I upgraded my Escort with a turbo, so that’s why I can’t open the hood anymore. Thanks for the help.