storm island

has any1 else had a problem with this add on. i payed for it an installed and it dosent work. can any1 help me out?

Really depends on what the issue is - most issues have been dealt with at some point in the THREAD.

I get this Pack… But I can’t access… I need to play more? Or I need to do something to get access? I have only played the first championship. Thanks

Keep playing - you need to finish the second leg of the first ROAD TRIP (which is the first batch of championships, then the first showcase event against the jets, followed by the road trip to Nice Massena.) After that, you’ll be introduced to Storm Island. For most players, this is about 1 - 1 1/2 hours of play.

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is it worth the buy?

I purchased the expansion and played on it a little but have since spent most of my time on the mainland portion of the game. The cars and upgrade parts I have used and are worth it but the location of storm island itself is just so-so.

I think that after all the complaints and begging for weather and certain dynamics Turn10 kind of went to the crazy extreme to get people to shut up because honestly, who wants to race in fog so thick you can barely see the end of your hood, or rain so strong it goes sideways while trees sway and look like they may topple over. If Storm Island were a real race venue then half the time races would be canceled or delayed and IMO it’s not really a fun place to race anyway. That said - once I finish all the mainland championships I will go and do all of the ones on Storm Island for one lousy achievement.

I rather like the blustery weather on Storm Island. Shame there’s no lightning effects.

I’m with you on the fog, though, that’s kinda dumb.

Thanks I unlock yesterday the pack… I get this pack because I very fan of Rallys… DiRT, Collin McRae, etc… For me it’s great. Forza games are Great. I download on PS4 Drive Club free edition and I don’t like it… (sorry my english)

This may be off topic, but I really think it’s cool that people from around the world get on these forums and post even with less-than-perfect English skills. I have never fully mastered another language after living in the southern US all of my life, so I respect anyone that can speak and write another language. Kudos to you, LeonK! Maybe I’ll see you on the track one day.