Storm Island Not Unlocking


I have today bought and downloaded the Storm Island 2 expansion (Xbox One) and it is not unlocking and is not available for me to play. I have read other messages regarding a game update being issued but that was over three months ago. I am therefore wondering if it is still bugged or are there some pre-requisites I have to achieve before I can access the expansion?

Or failing that, how do I get my money back?


You need to complete about three championships (roughly 36 races) before it will unlock. Storm Island is like the Barn Finds, etc., even access to buying cars, for which you need to complete a certain amount of the game before it will become available to you.

When Snowowl says 3 championships he really only means 12 races (4 races per championship) but I think the first few tutorial ones may have less than 4 races a piece. There are also two or three showcase events in there, but it probably adds up to no more tan 15 races.

You do the events in Castelletto, do a showcase, do the events in Nice, go to a car park, do the events in Sisteron, do a showcase, return to the main hub where you got your first car and VIOLA it’s all unlocked. One word of advice, don’t explore, just rush through it.

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