Stop making the dyno graph even WORSE!

On FH4, at least it was a mostly full screen graph, but it still had still had issues with how it was displayed. It never scales with the performance of the car, and the lines signifying hp/rpm weren’t labeled, there was no way of knowing where you’re reading was. You knew the start, which was obviously 0, you knew the top end, and you knew where the torque/hp crossed over, because torque and hp ALWAYS intersect at 5,252 on a dyno chart. The issue is, you would never actually KNOW the real numbers of your power band, so you could tune your gearing to keep peak power through every gear. It’s was always just guesswork for the closest estimate…

The gearing graph has the same issue, and the lines here are COMPLETELY arbitrary. The graph stays the same size/shape, and only the middle and end number change, depending on your vehicle and it’s max theoretical speed, and redline. These lines have NO meaning, they are completely different values for EVERY single car.

These 2 issues make it really stupid, frustrating, and a lot of guess work trying to perfectly set up your gearing for optimal shifting and retaining power. A graph should be consistent and properly labeled.

Now, this brings me to FH5. We have ALL of these exact same problems, but this time it’s even WORSE. Now you no longer even get to have a full screen graph while installing mods on your car. It’s a tiny little thing in the bottom corner, just like it is with your gear ratios. Additionally, and I can’t remember if this was a thing or not on FH4, but on FH5, if you have a vehicle that doesn’t have any mods that increase torque or HP, it never even shows you the graph… AT ALL. It straight up hides it.

WHY is it so much to ask just to have properly labeled, functional charts, that we can maximize to see clearly, and properly tune our cars? We have all these tuning options, but some of the most IMPORTANT data we need to clearly see for a good tune is obscured for absolutely no reason. Even if just every OTHER line in these graphs were labeled, and the gear ratio chart always had a consistent value to each line, it wouldn’t be perfect, but it would be close enough.

When someone tunes a vehicle, they tune it exactly according to the data. They don’t just just take a guess, based on poorly organized data. This is one of the most important aspects in maximizing performance, so there’s no reason for it to be taking a back seat.


Only if power is in HP and torque is in lb.ft, and the vertical scales are the same (1:1). If you use kW, Nm or the scales aren’t 1:1, that crossover point won’t be the same (or even won’t practically exist as the engine doesn’t rev high enough

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Well, I SPECIFICALLY refered to it using those units, as that is what I use in game and IRL. So, yeah, my post was correct, and it is 2,252.

However, that’s honestly completely besides the point. That was a somewhat irrelevant statement, only saying that it’s the particular reason I even know the value of that location on the graph. If it wouldn’t always line up there, I’d have absolutely NO way of knowing where they actually crossed, which is the issue.

The graphs never scale or change size in proportion to the data from different, and aren’t properly labeled. There are only a few parts of the graph the graph that have any markings, and on spot that can be determined. For the RPMs, it’s not so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything go to/past the 10k mark, and even though most of the lines on the Y axis aren’t labeled, at least they signify 1000 RPM for each one. However, many charts go by RPM x250, but might also range in between x100 to x500, just depending on the software, the vehicle, and the Dyno being ran.

The the labeling on the X axis is completely arbitrary, though. Normally, it would be labeled in increments from 20-100, but quite often by 25 or 50, and every line being a multiple of 5 or 10. On here, it might jump from 0 to 900 or 1100, and the unlabeled lines on the X axis being a different value for every car. Sometimes they end up being 300 each, sometimes 150 each, sometimes 225 each. to even figure it out though, you have to divide the SINGLE point of data it actually shows by 4. Luckily, the actual torque and HP values themselves are less important than where their peak range lies in relation to RPM (at least on this game). The point is, it still makes things a pain and imprecise with such course measurements, ever changing measurements.

That’s pretty bad, but it’s not even the WORST part. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t allow you to install any mods that actually change it’s HP or torque, the game doesn’t even ALLOW you to see the graph. So when you go to tune your gearing, it’s just a COMPLETE shot in the dark, with utter and total guesswork, and no way confirm it.

The already sloppy system just COMPLETELY breaks down when you actually go to take that data, and apply it to your gear ratios, and actually make use of that power. The graph for gearing makes the Dyno chart look like a masterpiece. The data on the Y axis again jumps by massive amounts, and crazy increments. Each line may signify something weird, like 19.111 repeating. When you look at the RPMs on the X axis, these lines are just meaningless. The graph will literally change it’s scale from one line to the next. It’s says RPM x 1000, but it may go from 1000 each line, and then but then suddenly changes to RPM x 1666.6666. OR, maybe it just straight up jumps from 6000 to 9000 from one line to the next, who knows, you can’t even take a GUESS what these lines are. Additionally, sometimes the red line will be incorrect for certain vehicles. I’ve seen that a few times.

The point is not whether the Dyno chart intersects 5252 outside of HP/torque, who cares. The point is that these graphs are nearly useless, sometimes completely incorrect, and worst of all… sometimes actually HIDDEN from you on certain vehicles. THE most important part is being able to precisely and clearly exact RPMs, and where the data/gearing sits in relation to that, and that’s also what’s most poorly implemented. They have PLENTY of room, so why can’t they just extend the graphs a bit, and user smaller (labeled) increments?

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